Fuslie freaks out playing Tarkov for first time with shroud

fuslie shroudFUslie/Shroud/Battlestate Games

Twitch star Fuslie streamed her first attempt at playing Escape from Tarkov with help from FPS legend Shroud, resulting in some hilarious moments.

Fuslie’s fails in first-person shooters have been well documented, as she’s become known for her less than impressive performances in that particular genre of games.

She recently went viral for trying her hand at Valorant, when she was told to “deactivate” by a teammate after a failed play.

Now, she’s done it once again after trying out the comparatively realistic multiplayer shooter Escape from Tarkov… with the help of some experts.

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Fuslie taking a selfieInstagram: Fuslie
Fuslie is a streamer for 100 Thieves.

Fuslie fails at Escape from Tarkov

On December 29, the 100 Thieves streamer was joined by stars Shroud, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and bnans in her first-ever stream of Tarkov.

Shroud led the way in teaching her the ropes to the game, which can certainly be denser than other shooters.

In one of the group’s first fire-fights, Fuslie mistakenly thought Shroud was an opponent and freaked out, shouting “Bad guy, bad guy!” as she aimed her sights down at him.

Shroud responded, “No, it’s me!” and luckily, Fuslie didn’t fire. The group cracked up at how nervous she was to even potentially get near enemies, as she almost took Shroud’s head off.

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Fuslie then thought she was close to her first kill of the session as she wrapped around a corner and unloaded her rifle, only to realize she’d been tricked.

“Oh, it’s a painting on the wall!” she laughed. Sykkuno, who was trying to keep the group under the radar, couldn’t believe it and said: “You… shot a painting of a cat on a wall.”

Even through all the growing pains, the group of streamers ended up playing Tarkov for multiple hours and had a blast doing so.

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