Shroud immediately regrets not taking his own advice in Tarkov

Shroud Escape from TarkovTwitch: shroud

Escape from Tarkov can be a ruthless game if not played correctly, that’s why sometimes advice from others can be helpful — something that, although said by him, shroud didn’t follow, resulting in a hilarious outcome.

The MMO and first-person action RPG hybrid is once again on streamers radar’s, with the likes of DrLupo, summit1g, and many others participating in the survivalist fun.

Created by Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov forces players to keep track of numerous things in order to stay alive. Making sure they’re fed and hydrated, a detailing in health on each body part, and much more are all included.

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But sometimes keeping track of all of the ways you yourself could die can go out the window when you decide to ignore the voice in the back of your head and perform an action that could lead to your death.

escape from tarkov military helicopterBattlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov is a streamer-favorite game.

While playing Escape from Tarkov on December 29 with Fuslie and Sykkuno, both less experienced players, shroud decided to show off the power window-mounted machine gun.

As he was showing off the weapon he made it clear that although it’s a cool gun to use, it’d give away your position resulting in a swift death.

“There’s also this right here, but I’m probably gonna get sniped for making a lot of noise,” he said. “This thing’s fun.”

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Once mounted on the machine gun, shroud immediately began to fire stating “hold on” as the others playing with him were talking about potential enemies.

What ensued was just as shroud predicted, after a few seconds of firing the weapon shroud immediately got killed by a sniper leaving him to just say “I’m dead, I’m dead. Everybody run.”

Advice from others — or yourself in a game like Escape from Tarkov can be a huge lifesaver for any player, in the Twitch star’s case, his lack of following him cost him.