Sykkuno explains why Twitch fan’s “super nice” letter actually made him feel bad

Alex Tsiaoussidis

After reading a “super nice” letter from a fan, Sykkuno told viewers that instead of feeling good about what they said, it made him feel a little sad and confused, and he explained why.

During his stream on December 28, Sykkuno told viewers that he’d read a “super nice” letter from a fan who thanked him for streaming while they were quarantined.

They said they couldn’t have made it without him. The fan also mentioned their Twitch username.

However, Sykkuno admitted that curiosity got the better of him. He looked up their Twitch history, and what he discovered left him feeling sad and confused.

Sykkuno felt sad after reading the fan’s letter despite their kind words.

“I opened a letter from a random fan, and they left their Twitch name in it,” he said. “They wrote a really nice message.” 

“I probably shouldn’t have done this. But do you know how you can check the history of a user on Twitch? [I checked theirs] and they didn’t follow me anymore.”

He admitted that it made him feel a “little bad” because they went through the trouble of sending him a “super nice letter” saying he made a big difference, only to stop following him shortly after.

“I can’t help but wonder, like, what did I do wrong between then and now?” he said.

“What did I do wrong that made them not want to be around anymore? It’s a little sad, but it’s not like you guys owe it to me to watch me.”

Sykkuno admitted that he doesn’t feel as bad about it now that some time has passed. However, it still stings a little.

“You kind of just feel like you did something wrong, and they don’t like you anymore,” he said. “But that’s just how it is, guys.”