Zoe Laverne exposes TikTok harasser threatening her unborn baby

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Zoe Laverne in an Instagram picture
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TikToker Zoe Laverne has reposted a video of an online troll making threats towards her unborn child, and claiming she ‘knows where Zoe lives.’

20-year-old Zoe shocked fans back in February when she confirmed that she was pregnant. After the controversy surrounding her admission to kissing a 13-year-old boy, many were immediately concerned about who the father was.

However, the TikToker quickly cleared up suspicion and revealed that the father of the baby is in fact Dawson Day, her current partner.

TikTok star Zoe Laverne
Instagram: Zoe Laverne
Zoe Laverne came under fire for kissing an underage fan.

In May, she went on to reveal that the couple would be having a baby girl, and even announced that she was now engaged to Dawson. He wrote on Instagram: “I cannot wait to hold our beautiful baby girl… Emersyn! and I’m so blessed to be your fiancé, Zoe.”

Zoe responds to threats

On June 9, Zoe uploaded a TikTok with the caption “don’t threaten my unborn child,” showing her scrolling through a series of screenshots on her phone.

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She followed that video up with an additional TikTok in which she went on to explain more about the situation, claiming that “they have been harassing [her] for several months now.”

“I was just like letting it go, doesn’t matter, I don’t do drama anymore, I’m not really trying to be problematic right now. But the problem is that when it comes to threatening my child’s life, that’s when I’m gonna do something about it. And I did,” she went on to say.

Zoe then showed a video of an individual on a live stream responding to a comment that read, “literally we could use Zoe’s baby as pizza toppings.”

“Honestly, I’m down. I know where Zoe lives,” they responded, making a chopping motion with their hands.

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“Thoughts on Emersyn? She sounds like a f**king cowgirl, she’s gonna grow up and bully people,” they continued. “She’s gonna be ugly as f**k, she’s gonna have braces and f**king two pigtails up here, and be like ‘you’re ugly, give me your lunch money.'”

Many commenters under the video said that the trolls are going “too far,” but whether Zoe chooses to take further action against those harassing her remains to be seen.

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