Zoe LaVerne finally reveals gender of her baby and engagement to Dawson Day

. 1 year ago
Zoe Laverne holds hands with fiancé Dawson Day
Instagram: dawsonday_1

TikToker Zoe LaVerne has finally revealed the gender of her baby after confirming to the world that she was pregnant back in February this year. Not only that, but on the same day, she became a bride-to-be. 

Zoe LaVerne has stirred up controversy in the past year after a leaked video of her kissing a 13-year-old fan surfaced online. It escalated hugely after she admitted she had “caught feelings” for him.

After deleting and rejoining social media, and defending herself vehemently on Instagram and TikTok, it became apparent she’d moved on, finding herself a new boyfriend. In January, rumors spread that she was pregnant, which she confirmed a month later.

Zoe shared a picture of not one but two positive pregnancy tests on her Instagram. “Really excited to have y’all watch my baby grow!” she wrote. While some feared the father could be the 13-year-old fan, Zoe confirmed that wasn’t the case.

Zoe Laverne pregnant
Instagram: Zoe Laverne
Zoe confirmed she was pregnant with Dawson’s baby in February.

“This is the father of my child. Stop saying otherwise,” she wrote, with a second picture of her sitting next to her current boyfriend, Dawson Day. “How would that even make any kind of sense? Connor is 13. Nothing else happened besides a kiss.”

Some people even speculated that her pregnancy was fake. So, she shared a picture of two more positive tests. “They’re very real!” she wrote. “If ya’ll want me to piss on another one while [I’m] live, let me know since you’re so interested.”

Now there seems to be even further confirmation that not only is Zoe a mother-to-be, but that the 13-year-old fan is very much out of the picture.

On May 2, Zoe and Dawson Day posted pictures and videos from a gender reveal party. In one video, Zoe and Dawson held confetti cannons, setting them off to reveal pink confetti indicating they were having a baby girl.


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In another video posted on TikTok, Zoe appeared to be distracted by a friend, but when she turned around Dawson was down on one knee holding a ring.

On Instagram, Dawson wrote “I cannot wait to hold our beautiful baby girl… Emersyn! and I’m so blessed to be your fiancé, Zoe. I love you so much and wouldn’t wanna spend the rest of my life or build a family w/ anyone else.”

And Zoe can’t stop gushing about her new family on social media either. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see images of their baby girl towards the end of the year.

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