YouTuber Danny Gonzalez exposes “disturbing” TwinTok trend on TikTok

YouTuber Danny Gonzalez next to TikTok twins alisovbrothersYouTube: Danny Gonzalez / TikTok: alisovbrothers

Popular YouTuber Danny Gonzalez hit out at a new trend sweeping TikTok involving twin siblings. The former Vine star explained why one “TwinTok” channel in particular is one of the “weirdest” things he’s ever seen.

In 2021, TikTok has become the birthplace of some of the internet’s most popular trends. From the recently viral Hot Sauce Dance to the flurry of Squid Game memes, the website has had a busy year.

The popular app has also been known to create some pretty strange trends as well from time to time. According to YouTuber Danny Gonzalez, a new “TwinTok” channel blowing up is one the most bizarre to date.

YouTuber Danny Gonzales talking about TikTok trendYouTube: Danny Gonzalez
The popular YouTuber called out a new trend on TikTok.

Danny Gonzalez calls out Twin Tik-Tok trend

According to the 27-year-old, there is a trend taking off on TikTok that has twin siblings stumbling into romantic situations together – yes, you read that right. In his recent upload, the YouTuber called out one of the popular channels that has been wracking up millions of views making content like this.

“It’s something so strange I truly can’t wrap my head around it. It’s two twins on TikTok. But these twins are different. Because these twins are in love… With each other,” he said. “The siblings dating trend is truly one of the weirdest things I’ve seen on TikTok in a while. The more I look into it, the more puzzling it gets.”

Gonzalez showed clips from the channel ‘alisovbrothers’ which has over 2.5 million followers. “The vast majority of their content is them about to make out with each other,” he continued. “But this is like their thing. They have so many TikToks where they have music playing and then at the end they kind of just grab each other’s faces and just breathe into each other’s faces.”

Despite the criticism, he theorized that the two creators were just trying to shock viewers. “Clearly whatever is going on here is just for shock value to get views on TikTok,” he explained. “I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that whatever this is, is not like a real romantic relationship. It’s just these two brothers who thought “Hey, if we do this, like, weird s**t, we can get really famous on TikTok.”

However, Gonzalez stumbled upon a possible twist when several commenters claimed the “siblings” aren’t actually related. “WHAT?! Are these guys not twins? I’ve spent the past three days watching these guys’ videos. Are they not actually twins?” He then sent the TikTok creators an email trying to find out.

While they didn’t respond, Danny Gonzalez concluded that they were actually twins after doing research. Regardless, the former Vine star hit out at the trend and said it was weird. “Is it really worth it, just for views?” he asked.