Hasan claims he’s close to quitting Twitch: “I feel like I’m losing my mind”

Hasan Piker during Twitch streamTwitch: HasanAbi

Twitch star Hasan said he is seriously considering quitting streaming for “a while” after being harassed constantly. The 30-year-old told viewers he has been pushed to his limit.

Despite propelling to the top of Twitch’s most watched channels in 2021, Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker revealed that he considering taking a break from going live on the platform. In an emotional broadcast on October 28, the content creator opened up about how he and his family have been getting doxxed and swatted.

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Now the popular content creator had told his fans that he’s had enough. Opening up to viewers, the former YoungTurks star explained why he is “very close” to quitting streaming in the future. According to him, toxic trolls have made him so stressed out that he now feel’s like he is going “insane.”

Twitch streamer Hasan reacts to hateful message in front of viewersTwitch: HasanAbi
The popular streamer reacts to a toxic message in front of viewers.

Hasan on the verge of quitting streaming

The streamer was in the middle of his broadcast when he responded to viewers thinking he was “joking” about taking a break. “It’s not a joke. I’m very close to quitting streaming for a little bit,” he said. “These past couple of days I’ve been thinking about it. It doesn’t feel good when I stream anymore.”

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Piker showed his viewers an example of why he wanted to take a hiatus by pulling up a hateful message he received from a viewer. “This is why. I hate myself. I hate everyone. I’m constantly f**king stressed out. It’s disrupted my sleep cycle,” he said, before opening up about how he no longer feels like he can speak freely in front of his audience.

“I can’t even be f**king honest with my own community for a single moment. It’s like everything I say can and will be used against me. I feel like I’m going crazy. I feel like I’m losing my f**king mind! It’s so f**ked, and there is no way to show how f**ked it is until you experience it. But it’s making me f**king go crazy!”

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Hasan also told viewers that he now constantly feels anger. “There are so many people that are deranged and delusional that cant help but harm others in a similar capacity,” he said. “They want others to be like in the same dark pit that they exist in. And I’m constantly on the defensive. I now blow up on people regularly. I see everyone looking for deeper meaning in every random action I engage in whether it be Twitter or Instagram.”

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The 30-year-old Twitch star said the amount of hate he’s been getting has become overwhelming. “It feels like my streams have been invaded by outside sources that have been able to dramatically alter the mood and the attitudes in the chat. For every other dips**t that I ban, there’s 20 others that take their place.”

Piker revealed that him and his family had been getting doxxed and swatted off camera, before reiterating that the stress had become too much. At the time of writing, it’s not clear when Hasan will take a break. However it sounds like it will be temporary if he ever does.

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