YouTuber Danny Duncan tears up gifting random woman car for Christmas

Danny Duncan poses with police and a woman with a new carYouTube/Danny Duncan

Famous Youtube star Danny Duncan surprised many people in time for Christmas by gifting them $2,500, but broke down in tears after giving a woman a new car.

In his newest video, Duncan teamed up with the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office to pull over certain cars, but not with the intention of giving them tickets.

The generous YouTuber began his journey by pulling over a woman in a van who he had heard was having a rough year in 2020. (Segment starts at 11:42)

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“We wanted to make your Christmas a little bit brighter,” the officer said before letting Danny take over.

Danny Duncan gives a stranger moneyYouTube/Danny Duncan
Danny gave complete strangers $2,500.

“We’d like to give you guys $2,500,” he explained and handed the woman a cheque, which caused the stranger to tear up because her sister was having trouble in the hospital.

The kind-natured surprises kept coming with several other strangers thanking Danny for his Christmas cheer. Finally, however, one woman’s reaction to the YouTuber’s kindness even had Duncan crying.

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“We heard you were down on your luck here and you’re raising your grandkids,” a cop explained to an older woman. “We think that’s a great thing and we wanted to bring a little sunshine to your Christmas.”

Following this, a brand new car rolled in with a giant bow on its hood. “What is this all about?” she gasped as Duncan gave her a hug. “I don’t know what to say.”

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As the two embraced, things got emotional with the 28-year-old visibly crying.

“There are no words. Let me tell you, there are no words,” she said after hopping into the front seat with Duncan kicking in the back seat. “I’ve never had a new car before. The last one I got was from the junkyard.”

Danny Duncan hugged by womanYouTube/Danny Duncan
Danny was overwhelmed by the woman’s joy.

Given the fact that the Florida-based entertainer has the exact same car, it’s clear that the woman was getting a premium vehicle.

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While not everyone gets to experience the holidays as they would like, especially in 2020 with everything that has gone on, it’s nice to see Duncan giving a little bit of Christmas joy to complete strangers on the street.

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