Venue closes before couple’s wedding but cashes their deposit anyway

Molly Byrne
wedding venue cancels weeks before ceremony

A woman was in tears as she described how her initial wedding venue closed its doors just weeks before her and her fiancé’s ceremony. 

Soon-to-be bride Kaitlyn Stalboerger was in tears during her now-viral TikTok video where she shared that her wedding venue closed down just two weeks before she and her fiancé were to marry.

Not only that, but the venue located in Isanti, Minnesota, cashed their deposit before sending them an email stating that “nobody is available to take calls or emails.”

The venue also detailed that they closed because they could no longer “maintain the business in the current economic environment,” saying that most importantly, the “increased cost” of maintenance forced them to shut their doors.

Kaitlyn, having called the venue despite them saying nobody would be around to answer, said she had nowhere for her and her fiancé to get married and that they were now out of money. So, she asked TikTok if they could come together to help her find a new venue.

Fortunately, Kaitlyn was able to update TikTok with positive news just days after her initial venue canceled and stole her and her fiancés money.

“We found our venue. We are so excited to move forward and plan our wedding day that’s coming up,” she said while also thanking everyone who supported her while she was under distress.

After Kaitlyn gave TikTok her positive news, many people commented by sharing their excitement. “And this is why we love TikTok!!” exclaimed one. “Praying it’s even better than you thought,” added another.

Though Kaitlyn and her fiancé may have lost out on their money, it’s evident that nothing can stop their love from its destiny.

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