YouTuber Colleen Ballinger’s tours and podcasts canceled as controversy continues

Christy Mathew
Colleen Ballinger in her vlogs

After various allegations of grooming against YouTuber and influencer, Colleen Ballinger, her upcoming shows, tours, and podcasts have all been canceled.

The influencer is famously known as Miranda Sings, and accusations have been piling up against her in 2023.

Colleen was accused of inappropriate behavior towards minors and inappropriate conduct online. Allegations against the YouTuber had actually first surfaced in 2020, however, there were no updates at the time.

These criticisms resurfaced after one of her fans came forward and claimed that Colleen’s behavior was inappropriate. Additionally, some other fans alleged that she had been grooming and exploiting minors.

This has led to several of her tours and podcasts being canceled.

Trisha announces the end of her and Colleen’s podcast

Trisha Paytas, YouTuber and podcast partner of Colleen has revealed they will not be working together for their podcast, “Oversharing”. “Bottom line is I really do feel for the people involved. I had relationships like this when I was underage that truly traumatized me,” she said in a YouTube video posted on July 9. 

The influencer then said how embarrassed she was to end a podcast after three episodes and deemed the accusations against Colleen to be “triggering”.

Colleen’s character, Miranda Sings was also slammed for mocking people with disabilities. Ballinger has in recent years, turned to more vlog type videos and her Miranda Sings YouTube channel is still popular.

The YouTuber continues to perform as the character on various shows. While tickets to some shows are still available, many of the shows like – the Sheldon Concert Hall in Saint Louis, the show at Kiewit Concert Hall at Holland Performing Arts Center, in Nebraska, Kitty Carlisle Hart Theater in Albany, New York, and more – have been canceled.

Colleen’s “ukulele” response to the allegations

The influencer posted a YouTube video in response to these accusations where she was singing along with a ukulele. This wasn’t an apology video but she did take some accountability.

Viewers responded to this video negatively and thought that it was “insensitive”. She claimed that the rumors were all part of a “toxic gossip train” and she said her behavior had changed since.

However, it did not go down well with fans as one viral tweet read, “Colleen Ballinger really thought singing ‘I’m not a groomer I’m just a loser’ was a cute way to respond to the very SERIOUS allegations that’ve been levied against her and…it’s beyond sick.”

Shortly after, the YouTuber’s video from 5 years ago went viral where she was dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies in what some claimed was blackface. The video is still on her YouTube page that she created for her character, Miranda Sings.