YouTube agrees to meet with Dr Disrespect after Doc’s rant about platform’s issues

Theo Salaun

Just a day after Dr Disrespect ranted about how YouTube needs to improve functionality to overtake Twitch, the platform has reached out and agreed to have a sit-down meeting with the Two-Time.

Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest names in the streaming industry and was a major get for YouTube after his surprise permanent ban from Twitch in June 2020. But, while YouTube has made strides in its live-streaming functionality, the experienced, ever-opinionated Doc thinks there’s more to be done.

During a colorful May 22 stream, Doc ranted about why YouTube is “underdeveloped” and how it needs to ramp up its progress. Discussing the limited rollout of clipping features and subscriber functionality, the Two Time’s tirade was quickly picked up in agreement by fans across social media.

Now, YouTube has taken notice of the constructive criticism. The platform’s Head of Gaming and Commerce, Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt, reached out to thank Doc — eventually agreeing to a meeting for further feedback.

Reacting to a clip of Doc’s rant, Fwiz replied “love it. Good feedback,” before letting the Two-Time know that the company was “working on some things” the streamer might appreciate.

Dissatisfied with that tease, Doc told Fwiz that if they had a one-hour meeting, the entire YouTube “platform would be taken to the next level for life.”

In response to that, Fwiz simply stated that his office would be reaching out to Dr Disrespect’s, suggesting that an actual meeting can take place. If this is the case, and who knows when or where it would be, then Doc’s ideas for an improved streaming service could come sooner than later.

doc rogue company map
Doc helped design a fan-favorite map for Rogue Company, can he help YouTube next?

Already well-versed in game design, Doc has most recently worked with third-person shooter Rogue Company to design a Champions Club map. With a YouTube meeting, he might help Google design a better streaming experience as well.

As far as improvements the Two-Time has expressed interest in, the standouts include better clipping functionality (including the option to clip on any channel as well as clip directories) and subscriber features (including gifted subs and the like).

Whenever Doc and Fwiz meet, the gaming and streaming communities will be eager to find out just how much progress is in play for Twitch’s biggest rival.

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