Dr Disrespect confirms move to YouTube in first stream since Twitch ban

Brent Koepp

On August 6, Dr Disrespect broke his streaming hiatus with a YouTube livestream, before revealing that the platform would be his new home. This follows the popular entertainer’s shocking permanent ban on Twitch in June for reasons still unknown.

In June, the streaming world was turned on its head when one of Twitch’s biggest personalities, Dr Disrespect, was suddenly removed from the website. Weeks later, fans are still no closer to understanding why the popular entertainer was banned permanently.

However, after an extended hiatus, the Two-Time Champion is finally back. On August 6, the gaming star made his return to streaming on the popular video platform YouTube with an unexpected livestream. He then announced it was also the new home for the Champions Club.

Dr Disrespect makes streaming return on YouTube

The streamer first hinted at his return on August 6th when he surprised fans with an unexpected Instagram Live. Later on the same day, he went live on YouTube where he teased fans with radio announcements under his Jonny Bandini moniker.

He then revealed on Twitter that he was going to be streaming on the Google-owned platform for the foreseeable future.

“Tomorrow, we arrive,” he wrote, with tomorrow meaning August 7.

He also confirmed the time he’s going to be going live for his first proper YouTube stream in his official Discord server.

“See you tomorrow. 12PM PST,” he wrote, before signing off with his name.

dr disrespect discord message
Dr Disrespect will be going live on YouTube on August 7 at 12PM PST.

Over on his channel, there is now a membership button where fans can subscribe to him for $4.99 a month. The service comes with custom emotes that feature his catchphrase “Yayaya” as well as one of Doc himself.


Viewers were also treated to a new song sang by the the Two-Time called Red Skies. He uploaded a music video that shows him overlooking a city skyline.

In an interview with PC Gamer in July, the 38-year-old said he event had considered doing live broadcasts on his own website, but now we know that ultimately, he’s chosen YouTube as his new home for the CC.

We still don’t have any idea why the streamer was banned from Twitch, and might never find out. However, the popular entertainer appears to be ready to move on and start the next chapter in his career.