Yodeling Haley is down to fight Valkyrae after historic Creator Clash boxing match

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Yodeling Haley wants to fight valkyrae interview

TikTok star ‘Yodeling Haley’ made history by fighting in the first-ever women’s influencer boxing match at Creator Clash… and she already has her eyes on another possible opponent.

Creator Clash has made its mark on the influencer boxing scene in a huge way.

Taking place on May 14, Creator Clash sold out all 10,000 seats in the Yuengling Center and sold over 100,000 pay-per-view streams. Overall, the event raised a whopping $1.3 million for charity — the primary concern of the entire ordeal.

That staggering amount of money isn’t the only thing putting this combat sports showdown on the map; Creator Clash also held the very first women’s influencer boxing match between TikToker Yodeling Haley and Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx.’

Justaminx vs Haley
Creator Clash made history by holding the first-ever women’s influencer boxing match between Twitch star JustaMinx and TikToker Yodeling Haley.

However, Haley wasn’t initially slated to take part in the historic bout. Content creator and Creator Clash organizer Anisa, who is also the wife of YouTube star ‘iDubbbz’ — one of the primary minds behind making the event happen — was actually set to get in the ring, first.

Unfortunately, she suffered a concussion, prompting iDubbbz to reach out to Haley in her stead… but it was Haley who had reached out, originally.

“I had reached out before, and I said I wanted to do it, and [iDubbbz] said, ‘Oh, we’re full, but maybe next time,'” the TikToker recalled in an interview with us. “And then, Anisa had gotten a concussion, and there was room for me to fight. So, December was when I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is real.'”


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In the beginning, Haley didn’t know just how serious boxing could be… but she soon understood just how intense the sport actually is once she started training in February.

“I feel like I didn’t really understand the severity of what boxing really was,” she admitted. “But I was like, it could be fun! Me and my friend had both DM’d him and said, ‘Oh, we wanna join!’ We thought it would be cool, not thinking how intense boxing was. We just thought it would be fun. It turned out that it was very intense, but I did enjoy myself a lot doing it.”

Yodeling Haley wants more women to box

Haley faced off against JustaMinx for a historic bout that shook the Yuengling Center. She fought fiercely for four rounds before referee stoppage crowned Minx the winner by TKO.

This was a massive historical moment for the still-budding world of influencer boxing — and Haley is absolutely here for it.

“I think more women should get into boxing,” she said. “It is a male dominated sport, but it’s really useful, and I’ve gotten so much stronger. I’ve learned so much. I would definitely encourage more women to start getting involved in sports like boxing.”

JustaMinx vs Yodeling Haley Creator Clash
Haley’s bout with Minx has inspired a slew of other female influencers to start boxing.

Seemingly in response to her match with Minx, a slew of other female influencers have taken a keen interest in stepping into the ring — including YouTube star ‘Valkyrae.’ When asked if Haley would be down to face off against the streamer, Haley had one thing to say: “Sure!”

“I think that’s really cool,” she added. “I’m really glad that me and Minx have kind of inspired more female influencers to get involved.”

Yodeling Haley responds to JustaMinx’s boxing praise

Although Minx ended up walking away victorious, she had nothing but praise for her opponent, who she claimed had knocked out her contacts. In a YouTube video, Minx notably said: “She fought insane. She fought incredible. That girl honestly took the W.”

While Haley was certainly flattered by Minx’s praise, she admitted that she was a little intimidated by her Irish opponent, and isn’t sure she wants to take on the ‘Gaelic Goblin’ again if she continues to box.

“I think that was very sweet of her to say,” Haley responded. “I think Minx was also equally as terrifying. I don’t know if I was even that scary, but it was nice of her to say that I was. With her mouthguard that looked like teeth, that was pretty scary looking. It looked like she was really happy to be beating me up. That was pretty funny to look at, but she was amazing. She was awesome. I’m really glad she was my opponent. I love her.”

Learning from losses

Haley isn’t certain that she’ll take on another boxing match in the future.

During our interview, the TikToker said that her mother isn’t too keen on letting her get back in the ring — but a week out from the event, she’s beginning to come down with the boxing bug again. If she were to get back to the sweet science, she has a better idea of what she’d do next time and says she learned a lot from her loss to Minx.

“I watched iDubbbz’s video, where he said that he really learned a lot from his losses,” she began. “I would agree. I think I learned a lot from losing, about what I could have done better. I do think that one you get in that ring, a lot of training or game plans, or whatever I was planning on doing in that ring — the second you’re really faced with someone swinging at you, you sort of forget, and it’s just muscle memory.

“When I was sparring I would think, ‘Okay, I need to be doing this,’ and I would do it. But when you’re really getting hit and in a life or death situation, it’s like I forget everything. If I were to fight again, I know what to do more.”

We’re not sure where Haley’s boxing journey will take her next, but one thing’s for certain: She made a huge mark on the history of the sport, and that’s not something anyone can take away from her.

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