Alex Wassabi beats down iDubbbz in Creator Clash 2: live results, start time, & fight card

Creator Clash 2 how to watchCreator Clash

Creator Clash is back and bigger than before, making its return in Tampa, Florida. We’ve got all the info you need to tune into one of the most anticipated influencer-boxing events of the season.

Creator Clash was the first influencer-boxing event of its kind, taking place on May 14, 2022.

All proceeds from the fights went to charity, ultimately raising over $1.3 million for the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer’s Association of America, and Healing Horse Therapy Center.

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Boasting the first-ever female influencer-boxing match, on top of a slew of other highly-anticipated bouts, Creator Clash made waves in the scene and broke records — and it’s coming back for a second round very soon.


Doctor Mike wins iDubbbz Creator ClashJoseph Correa, FrontProof Media
Creator Clash is the first influencer boxing event of its kind, with its main focus being charitable giving.

Fight Card & Results

UndercardJack Manifold vs. Dakota OlaveLightweightManifoldUnanimous Decision
UndercardJaelaray vs. Abelina SabrinaSuper FlyweightJaelarayUnanimous Decision
UndercardNathan Barnatt (Dad) vs. AB AyadLight HeavyweightDadTKO
UndercardWilliam Haynes vs ChrisRayGun Super FeatherweightHaynesTKO
UndercardAlanah Pearce vs. Mika MidgettSuper MiddleweightPearceSplit Decision
UndercardMyth vs. HundarCruiserweightMythTKO
UndercardMarisha Ray vs. Haley SharpeSuper LightweightSharpeUnanimous Decision
UndercardArin Hanson vs. Jarvis JohnsonHeavyweightHansonTKO
UndercardMichelle Khare vs. Andrea BotezSuper FeatherweightKhareUnanimous Decision
UndercardCrankGameplays vs. LeonhartMiddleweightNestorTKO
UndercardHarley Morenstein vs. John HenniganHeavyweightHenniganTKO
Main EventAlex Wassabi vs. Ian Jomhai (iDubbbz)Super MiddleweightWassabiMajority Decision

Alex Wassabi defeats iDubbbz in Creator Clash 2

Following his win over Deji, Alex Wassabi has yearned to return to the ring and finally found his opportunity in Creator Clash 2. But he’d be facing the event coordinator iDubbbz, in the Main Event. Would Ian be able to redeem himself after his loss, or will Wassabi add to his winning record?

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“No glove touch,” Ian stated before the match started, which set the tone for the fight. The two who had been friendly before the fight were no longer cordial. And that was reflected in the first round of the match, as both fighters found ways to punish each other’s opening. However, Wassabi’s attacks seemed much more devastating.

Wassabit dominated round one, but there was still plenty of fight left to go. Ian started round two with a completely different stance than in round one. As if flipping a switch, Ian looked like a completely different fighter, at least for the first minute. But the second half of the round was a return to form, as iDubbbz was caught out on a number of engagements, being forced to clench up.

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Ian, once again, attempted to take control early in round three. And for a time, it worked. For the first time in the fight, iDubbbz looked like the better fighter and was dealing considerable damage to Alex, who started to show his exhaustion. If Ian can keep up the intensity and maintain his stamina, he has the opportunity to take the match in the final round.

Ian needed to put something together to win the match, but he just couldn’t pick up the pieces. Alex played a good defense and was able to land several great punches. And while none of them seemed to stop Ian’s advances, Alex took home the dub via majority decision.

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Harley Morenstein vs. John Hennigan

One of the most highly-anticipated fights of the night lay in Harley Morenstein and John Hennigan. Last year, Harley knocked out Arin Hanson with his cannonball fists, and he aimed to continue his winning streak. However, his opponent wasn’t a professional gamer this time around. He’d be facing off against professional wrestler John Hennigan.

But yet again, Harley would tower over his opponent, having seven inches and nearly 30 pounds on Johnny.

John started the fight, trying to break through Harley’s defense and reach. And in some regard, Johnny was successful. Harley started with more poise than he did in CC1. However, Johnny was able to counter every jab Harley attempted. This led to Harley getting caught on the ropes followed by a big right hand from John that sent Harley to the mat, rolling out of the ring.

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Harley recovered, but he didn’t look any more composed in round two. John kept up the pressure, wailing on Harley and forcing him to play defense. Another huge right hand sent Harley to the mat yet again, but Harley beat the eight count. Even though John did not let up, Harley made it out of the round.

Round three started with Harley on the ropes and ended a few seconds later when he sent Harley to the mat for a third and final time. John looked like David fighting Goliath, knocking the giant Harley off his high horse.

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CrankGameplays vs. Leonhart

Ethan Nestor (CrankGameplay) was a fan-favorite headed into his bout with Leonhart, but his opponent called upon the power of Pokemon to strengthen him. Leonhart also had a physical advantage, being taller and heavier than Ethan.

Leonhart looked stiff in round one compared to a loose, relaxed Ethan. This translated into his fight as he swung wildly in intense moments. Despite Ethan looking like a better fighter, he landed 0 of his nine jabs in round one.

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Leonhart was told to “stop playing” between rounds, so more was expected from the Pokemon Master. However, he wasn’t able to put up an effective guard, giving Ethan plenty of room to work. Ethan’s tenacity later came to bite him, as a strong blow to the back of Leonhart’s head sent him to the mat, but the illegal hit did not count.

But in round three, Leonhart was decimated. Just a few seconds into the round, Ethan landed a considerable blow, followed by a flurry of punches that caused the ref to call the fight. Ethan Nestor walked away the victor by TKO.

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Michelle Khare vs. Andrea Botez

Andrea Botez is known for dominating her opponents in chess and has a dub under her belt in Chess Boxing, but now she’s taking on a new level of competition. And her opponent Michelle Khare is looking to take Botez down a peg.

Michelle looked leagues and bounds above Botez in terms of experience, despite this being her first official bout. However, Botez was able to match Khare in terms of speed, intensity, and style. And despite an attempt to break out at the end from both fighters, it was a very close match.

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Round two saw both fighters bouncing around the ring, and Michelle attempted a fierce overhand strike multiple times, but it failed to connect. The round ended without any considerable hits landed, making this an incredibly technical fight for the judges.

The third round saw Khare pull ahead, landing several right-hand blows. And with each hit, Michelle chipped away at Botez’s stamina and poise.

Andrea went on the offensive early in round four, finally dealing some damage to Khare. But they weren’t enough to knock Michelle off her game. It would take a few shots from both fighters for them to slow the pace of the fight and display a bit of patience for the first time in the fight.

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The fight was still anyone’s win going into round five, but Michelle opened the round with a series of incredible punches. But Botez astonished the announcers as she was able to remain conscious despite the beating. Yet, staying alive wasn’t enough for Botez, as Michelle turned it up to 11 and firmly dominated the final round. Although it was turned over to the judges, Michelle handily won this fight by unanimous decision.

Arin Hanson vs. Jarvis Johnson

Arin Hanson came to Creator Clash 2 with one goal in mind: redemption for his loss in Creator Crash 1. But he’d have to overcome a new fighter to the card, another physical monster, Jarvis Johnson. And this heavyweight bout could easily end in a knockout.

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Chaos is the only word that accurately describes the start of this fight. The two giants threw their technique out the window in exchange for wild combinations. With blurry arms akin to an anime fight scene, these two fighters resonated with the crowd despite having the sloppiest opening of the night.

Somehow, the gassed fighters stumbled into round two. But Jarvis’ defense was nonexistent, leading to an early stoppage, giving Arin Hanson the victory. Redemption; a year in the making.

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Marisha Ray vs. Haley Sharpe

Despite her loss in Creator Clash 1, Halye Sharpe put on one hell of a performance, making her a standout from the first event. And despite Marisha Ray being a new fighter, she aimed to put her eight months of training to use by adding to Sharpe’s losses.

But the odds weren’t looking good, as Haley dominated the first round. Her experience shined through as Sharpe capitalized on Marisha’s lack of defense. Sharpe found herself connecting with Marisha’s face very often while Ray struggled to get a game plan together.

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Round two started with the same intensity from Sharpe, battering the head of Ray with a flurry of jabs and punches. Marisha was visibly overwhelmed as she repeatedly looked for opportunities to clench up and hide from her opponent. And at the end of the round, a big hit from Haley nearly knocked the lights out for Ray.

Marisha needed to roll a nat 20 in round three to turn the tide of the fight, but with another strong start from Sharpe, the dice just weren’t falling in her favor. Bleeding, stumbling, and clenching, Marisha looked all but capable of pulling off the miracle she needed. And Sharpe continued to punish Ray’s inability to defend.

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Many viewers were surprised that the fight made it to the fourth round. Failing to switch up her tactics, Marisha continued to eat punch after punch from Sharpe. But despite the brutality, Marisha managed to hold on.

Heading into round five, Marisha needed a knockout to pull off the win. It would only take five rounds for Ray to start her offensive, but it came too late. Both fighters abandoned all form, throwing sloppy punches with little defense, but it wouldn’t change the outcome. Haley Sharpe dominated the fight and took home the victory by unanimous decision.

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Myth vs. Hundar

Following Hundar’s Creator Clash victory and Myth’s Chess Boxing dub, these winners were looking to end one another’s perfect record. But would the 23-year-old be able to take down the 39-year-old when they both share identical physiques?

Myth didn’t waste any time in round one, marching across the canvas and giving Hundar the business. He went on to control the first minute of the fight and wouldn’t let off the gas for the rest of the round. This inevitably worked in his favor as Myth landed a rocket on the chin of Hundar, sending his limp body to the mat. Despite waking up almost immediately, the ref called off the fight between rounds, making Myth the winner by TKO.

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Alanah Pearce vs. Mika Midgett

Tensions were high leading into the fight between Pearce and Mika, but following the press conference and pre-fight interview, it could be argued that some of the tension wasn’t a direct result of the battle. But taking on the appearance of a Nordic warrior, Pearce looked like a much fiercer fighter than Mika.

And that showed in the opening moments of the fight, as Pearce threw continuous punches while walking Mika down. But at the end of the first minute, the fight slowed down considerably, which worked in Mika’s favor, who was able to throw more powerful punches than Pearce.

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Round two started near identically to the first. Alanah started with her walk-down/continuous punches strat, but Mika was able to weather the flurry and counter Pearce’s infrequent attacks. But round two featured a fraction of the action we saw in round one.

Pearce looked afraid at the start of round three. She barely moved and held a defensive stance, which worked against Mika’s strategy to counter. Pearce did send a volley of light punches throughout the round, but Mika easily escaped. And with that, round three ended without much damage being dealt to either fighter.

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While Mika was able to land a couple of good shots in round four, this was easily the least eventful round of the fight. The lack of action even garnered a chuckle from the ref. But both fighters made it into the final round.

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Up until this point, it was hard to determine a winner. While Mika’s punches were more impressive, it could be argued that Alanah landed far more. So round five really felt like the round that would decide the entire fight. But the intensity hadn’t picked up since dropping off in round three, and the decision was handed off to the judges.

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And by split decision, Alanah Pearce took home the victory.

William Haynes vs. ChrisRayGun

Haynes had three weeks to prepare for his fight against ChrisRayGun following the removal of Froggy Fresh, so the odds weren’t in his favor. However, William outweighed Chris by six pounds and had a height advantage of six inches, making Haynes the dominant fighter in terms of physique. But would Chris’ longer time to prepare give him the upper hand?

The first round saw a more controlled opening than the three fights prior, but the discipline didn’t last long. After the ten-second mark, both fighters started to test the waters, throwing wild combinations. But the physical advantage showed as Haynes’ effortless punches seemed to deal a ton of damage. And close to the end of the round, Willaim sent Chris to the night for the first knockdown of the night.

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But after a quick recovery, Chris was back in round two. That said, Haynes looked like an insurmountable obstacle, stalking Chris around the ring. Chris continued to throw a flurry of body shots at William, but it looked like a child punching a teddy bear.

In round two, Chris was backed into the ropes and couldn’t keep up his defense, leading to the ref calling off the fight. William Haynes was declared the winner by TKO, with only three weeks notice.

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Dad vs. AB Ayad

One of the most anticipated fights of the night featured Dad and AB. After winning in 22 seconds at Creator Clash 1, Dad had a lot of hype to live up to. However, he had yet to face a fighter like AB, who was able to knock Hundar down at CC1. Would Dad be able to pull off another quickie, or will AB show him what a real fighter looks like?

To the surprise of many, the fight lasted longer than 22 seconds. Coming out with the same intensity as his first fight a year ago, Dad quickly emptied his gas tank. And while AB looked good at first, he also slowed to a crawl by the end of the round. Both fighters lost all disciples and swung for the bleaches for the second half of the round.

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That said, AB called it quits after round one. Right as round two was about to begin, AB pulled out, and Dad was declared the winner by forfeit.

Jaelaray vs. Abelina Sabrina

The second fight of the night is also the lightest, with Sabrina and Jaelaray being the only fighters in the Super Flyweight division. And while Jaelaray looked raring to go, iDubbbz himself stated he was scared of what Sabrina was capable of. But being a lighter division, this fight would likely come down to who has the most endurance.

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Following the footsteps of the first fight, Jae exploded into the fight, catching Sabrina by surprise. Punishing Abelina, Jae chased her opponent around the ring, landing blow after blow. But Sabrina was able to maintain a smile while weathering the storm. However, Jae was unable to capitalize on her opening and was forced to pump the brakes.

Round two started a lot slower, although it didn’t take long for things to heat back up. Jae continued to land jab after jab, and Sabrina was completely on the defensive. But halfway through the round, Sabrina was able to counter and land some considerable hit of her own. But would it be enough?

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The third round was gearing up to be completely different, as Sabrina’s corner seemingly thought her time to shine was coming. But early in the round, Jae reapplied the pressure and caught Sabrina with some massive punches. All she needed to do was keep up the intensity and the pressure.

Once again, a target was painted on Sabrina’s head as Jae had no problem connecting with her dome. And the last half of the round was brutal for Sabrina, as any time she attempted to open up, Jae found a way inside.

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Going into the final round, Sabrina needed nothing short of a stoppage to win the fight. But after eating a visceral punch in the first few seconds, that option wasn’t looking promising. And despite giving it her all in the final round, Sabrina couldn’t find the strength to know Jae down.

And with the decision being turned over to the judges, it was no surprise that Jaelaray won the fight by a unanimous decision.

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Jack Manifold vs Dakota Olave

Jack Manifold may be known for his skills in Minecraft, but he has yet to display what he’s capable of in the ring. However, his opponent Dakota Olave had stepped into the ring one time prior, giving him the upper hand. And according to viewers, Olave was the favored fighter with 67% of the votes.

The round started hot, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Both fighters wasted no time sizing each other up, with Olave and Manifold throwing flurries of punches. However, the mid-point of round one saw Manifold dealing more damage than his opponent.

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Round two started out just as tenacious as the first, with Dakota managing to land a few visceral hits. But it didn’t take long for Jack to turn the tide of the fight and apply immense pressure. Yet, neither fighter was able to maintain control, as they exchanged the upper hand multiple times throughout the round.

A gassed Dakota entered round 3 with a lack of faith from the commentators. Despite this, he was able to land blows to the head of Manifold. But Jack didn’t seem phased as he continued to eat the punches and charge toward his opponent.

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The penultimate round featured two incredibly tired fighters stumbling into punches. Their lack of defense was on full display entering into the second minute, as Olave and Manifold traded a disgusting number of blows.

The fifth and final round was gearing up to be a sloppy slugfest. And it was clear from the start that both were aiming for a knockout. And while Dakota was visibly exhausted, Manifold left the fight with a face that could be mistaken for ground beef. Regardless, the decision was left up to the judges.

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Despite being able to draw blood from his opponents, Olave lost the fight, making Jack Manifold the winner of the first fight of the night.

When is Creator Clash 2?

Creator Clash 2 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST.

Where is Creator Clash 2 happening?

Creator Clash 2 is taking place at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. This change is notable, as it’s a bigger venue from last year’s Yuengling Center, boasting 21,000 seats.

Where to buy Creator Clash 2 tickets

Fans can purchase both online and in-person tickets on the official Creator Clash website starting January 27.

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Ticket prices for the event are as follows:

  • Early Bird: $19.99
  • Advance Purchase: $24.99
  • Day of Show: $34.99

The fights will be live streamed on Moment.

Who is fighting in Creator Clash 2?

Thus far, the lineup of fights for Creator Clash 2 is as follows:

  • Heavyweight
    • Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time) VS John Morrison
    • Arin Hanson (GameGrumps) VS Jarvis Johnson
  • Cruiserweight
    • Myth (Myth_YT) VS Hundar (MuscleParty)
  • Light Heavyweight
    • Nathan Barnatt (Dad) VS AB Ayad (Starkilla/The H3 Podcast)
  • Super Middleweight
    • Ian “iDubbbz” Carter VS Alex Wassabi
    • Alanah Pearce (Charalanahzard) VS RIPMika 
  • Middleweight
    • CrankGameplays VS Leonhart 
  • Super Lightweight
    • Marisha Ray (Critical Role) VS Haley Sharpe (YodelingHaley)
  • Lightweight
    • Dakota Olave VS Jack Manifold (JackManifoldTV)
  • Super Featherweight
    • Andrea Botez (ItsAndreaBotez) VS Michelle Khare 
    • William Haynes vs ChrisRayGun
  • Super Flyweight
    • Jaelaray VS Abelina Sabrina

As of Monday, March 13, GoodGuyFitz vs Ididathing has been canceled due to an injury on Ididadthing’s end. The creator published a statement on the matter to Twitter, claiming he received a concussion after taking a punch to the head during sparring.

That’s not all; a bout between Froggy Fresh and Chris Ray Gun was removed from the card, following a controversial statement that Froggy Fresh made during a trash-talk video toward his opponent.

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Since then, William Haynes has been announced as FroggyFresh’s replacement and will take on Chris Ray Gun in the ring come April 15.

What influencers are in Creator Clash 2?

That’s not all; on top of its impressive lineup of creator fights, a slew of other high-profile influencers are slated to appear in the event. Markiplier and Jacksepticeye will host a pre and post-fight show, while Amouranth and Esfand will conduct pre-fight interviews with the boxers.

amouranth leaks her phone number for christmas contestInstagram/Amouranth
Twitch star Amouranth is slated to conduct pre-fight interviews alongside Esfand at Creator Clash 2.

Tony Jeffries, Wade Plemons, and MoistCritikal are slated to commentate the fights. As told by a press release, altogether, “the creators involved in Creator Clash 2 have over 57.5 billion lifetime views and over 259.4 million followers.”

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That’s not all; horror narrator Chills will be conducting post-fight interviews, with YouTube duo SuperMega performing the National Anthem. Esports host Akinola Verissimo will be the in-ring announcer for the evening.

What charities are benefiting from Creator Clash 2?

All net profits generated by Creator Clash 2 will go to charities that have been personally chosen by the participating fighters. Thus far, the list of charities is as follows:

  • Nami
  • Able Gamers
  • Kidney Fund
  • Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • Kids Cancer Foundation
  • Cure Sarcoma
  • American Heart Association
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Critical Role Foundation
  • MS Society

“I am so proud of the fighters and how seriously they’re taking this; it’s a testament to their commitment
and character, along with their commitment to a good cause,” iDubbbz said of the upcoming event. “All of our fighters are students of the game, learning and appreciating ‘The Sweet Science” of boxing as they have been training for months with professional boxing coaches and dedicating themselves fully to an intense training regimen. Boxing is truly like no other sport in the world and it’s going to be one hell of an event!”

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Thus far, Creator Clash 2 is shaping up to be yet another hype event in the influencer-boxing scene that has the potential to topple its predecessor. We’ll keep you updated with more information about this major boxing event right here on Dexerto.