FroggyFresh agrees to fight Chris Ray Gun on Misfits card amid Creator Clash fallout

Froggyfresh offers chris ray gun fight on misfits cardInstagram: tylerscassidy

YouTuber FroggyFresh has agreed to take a fight against games analyst Chris Ray Gun after being booted from Creator Clash due to purported “violations.”

Creator Clash 2 is mere weeks away, but the charity boxing event is being met with some contention from fans after one of its participating fighters was suddenly given the boot.

The drama began after FroggyFresh, a YouTuber and rapper, engaged in some trash talk with his opponent, games analyst Chris Ray Gun.

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Their back-and-forth included a joke from Froggy that involved comments about Anise, an influencer and wife of co-founder and YouTuber iDubbbz, who is also helming the event.

The ensuing drama also saw the involvement of Anise’s mother, and resulted in FroggyFresh being booted from the card completely. Froggy publicly spoke out against this decision, and even claimed that he is facing litigation from Creator Clash as a result of the incident.

However, it looked as though Froggy was being tapped by another influencer boxing organization amidst the ordeal: Misfits Boxing, a group founded by YouTube star KSI and partnered with DAZN.

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Now, it looks like this partnership might actually be coming to fruition, as FroggyFresh has officially claimed that he’s willing to take on Chris Ray Gun on an upcoming Misfits Boxing event — on one major condition.

FroggyFresh wants to fight Chris Ray Gun on Misfits card amid Creator Clash drama

According to Froggy, he’s only willing to take this boxing match as a “one and done” deal, and still wants to donate money to charity.

“I’d do it. Let’s do it up big for charity. @ChrisRGun let’s get this charity money. But this would be it for me. One and done. Fulfill my obligations and move on.”

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It’s unclear on which Misfits event this bout would take place, but it would certainly draw eyes — on top of raising money for a good cause.

Thus far, Chris has yet to respond to this possibility, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated on this ongoing saga right here on Dexerto.

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