xQc urges Twitch fans to donate and subscribe to streamers who need support

Alex Tsiaoussidis
xQc Twitch Fans Donate

xQc urged his Twitch fans to donate and subscribe to smaller streamers who need the support because he’s in a good place and having thousands of fans tune in is more than enough.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel can be a polarizing figure at times. He’s been involved in everything from feuds with other streamers to stream-sniping scandals. It’s all because he’s not afraid to speak his mind, which some people find refreshing.

But he does have his wholesome moments, like when he slammed viewers for hating on female Twitch streamers for their success.

He was wholesome again in a recent stream, and this time, he had an important message for his fans regarding donations and subscriptions.

The Twitch star has slotted (deliberately or otherwise) into his 'bad guy' role perfectly.
xQc never hesitates to speak his mind, for better and for worse.

“If the sole purpose of you donating and subscribing is only to support and nothing out of what you get, don’t do it,” he said.  “Literally these days, only do it because you get something out of it. Not anybody else. Me or the chat or any other pressure. Only out of what you get in the value. If you see there’s no value, don’t sub.”

“If you have [one] that’s free, and you think it’s whatever, then fine, then do it to another streamer then… because they actually need it,” he added. “They need the actual support. They need a pillar. You’re already here, you know? You’ve already supported me enough that I can fly now. Just being here is enough support.”

It’s not often you’ll hear a streamer encourage fans not to donate and subscribe to them. However, xQc has transcended the platform in many ways and is one of the most iconic streamers in the scene.

It sounds like he knows he’s in a good place, and although donations and subscriptions boost his revenue, he’s not dependant on them like he used to be. 

For that reason, he’s urged fans to support small streamers who need it. After all, he was in that situation himself once upon a time. So, he knows what it’s like and how much that support would mean to them.

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