xQc calls out Twitch fans for using his email in hilarious ways

Alex Tsiaoussidis
xqc twitch fans email troll

xQc called out some fans who have been using his email to troll him by doing everything from ordering pizzas to signing him up to all kinds of services, including job finders.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel makes people laugh at the best of times. It’s often about the antics he gets up to in games. However, sometimes the joke is on him, like when he loses his marbles about something and goes on an epic rant.

Things were a little different this time, though. It started when he called out fans who have been using his email to do all kinds of shenanigans. But although it’s a serious issue, the way he explained the situation had his viewers in stitches.

xQc Female Twitch Streamers
xQc knows how to make his viewers laugh with a good story.

“Somebody made an account with my email at Dominos,” he said. “He’s ordering pizzas to his own house with his own credit card. I can see the whole thing.” It’s a pretty dumb thing to do. However. it’s nothing compared to the other things they’ve used his email for. 

“The next day… I’m subscribed to Job Finding with the name Big Schnoze,” he added. “Every [now and then] I get an email that says oh, hello… we found jobs in your area [at places like] Amazon.”

But that’s not all. Hilariously, they made inquiries with sexual health practices using the fake name, too. “Oh, hello Massive Schnozer,” he said, narrating the email. “We’ve heard you need help with your STDs or whatever. Dude, what the f**k is that?”

xQc was clearly frustrated with the situation. However, the way he explains it gives the impression that he sees the funny side in it, too. It almost sounded like a comedian telling a joke with good delivery and timing.

Still, as funny as it is, hopefully, it doesn’t lead to more fans using his email to do similar things. Otherwise, he might need to change it once and for all, and perhaps keep it a secret.