Ludwig hosts mega Twitch Kickball event with OfflineTV, 100 Thieves, more: How to watch

Twitch kickball eventUnsplash / 100 Thieves / OfflineTV / Twitch

Dozens of the most popular social media celebs are getting together for a historic game of kickball. From xQc and Ludwig to 100 Thieves stars Valkyrae and BrookeAB, here’s a rundown on everyone competing and how you can tune into the “ambitious crossover event.”

  • Four teams of mega-popular streamers to compete in a kickball tournament.
  • OfflineTV, 100 Thieves, and two teams from ‘Sh*tcamp.’
  • Crossover event to be streamed live on Twitch.

As this year’s major Sh*tcamp event gets underway, with 16 of the internet’s biggest stars gathering in one location, an assortment of unique challenges and competitions have all been announced.

Though closing the three-day spectacle is none other than the main attraction: a kickball tournament for the ages.

From when it all kicks off – pun intended – to how you can tune in and support your favorite streamer turned kickball pro, here’s all there is to know.

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Twitch crossover kickball event: Streams & Schedule

The sh*tcamp crossover got off to a hot start with the opening ceremony on Sunday, September 26 at 7PM PT. While the major event comes to a close three days later, the kickball tournament gets underway just before.

Teams will be kicking their first balls on Wednesday, September 29 at 12PM PT.

With 32 streamers stepping up to the plate, the tournament is set to run for roughly four hours in total.

As you might expect, everyone is set to stream the event from their own channels, though Ludwig’s appears to be serving as a hub throughout the tournament.

Twitch crossover kickball event: Format

There’s no telling how this kickball tournament will unfold just yet, but we do know for certain that four teams will be starting things off.

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Eight streamers form each team with members from OfflineTV, 100Thieves, and Sh*tcamp itself getting involved.

It’s likely we see a single or double elimination bracket play out as these teams battle for a spot in the grand final. 

No stakes have been set for the time being. Though bragging rights in one of the biggest crossover events thus far could be more than enough for those competing.

Twitch crossover kickball event: Teams & Players

From the biggest names on Twitch to the most popular stars in 100 Thieves, there are plenty of big names featured in this kickball tournament.

While exact teams aren’t nailed down, below is a list of every possible competitor we know about thus far. 

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Kris Landon Jiedel Austin Show Fuslie BrookeAB
Valkyrae Scarra DisguisedToast Michael Reeves Brodin
Adepththebest ConnorEatsPants Cyr EsfandTV HasanAbi
Jschlatt JustaMinx Kaceytron Ludwig Malena
Nmplol Myth QTCinderella Sodapoppin WillNeff

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as captains are selected and teams come together.