xQc displays impressive IRL sniping skills at gun range with Hasan

xQc shooting a gunMizkif/YouTube

During an outing to the shooting range with Hasan and other streamers, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel showed off some seriously impressive IRL sniping skills.

xQc headed out to the shooting range with Hasan, Adept, and other streamers on September 28 as part of the ongoing S**tCamp IRL festivities.

There was plenty of firepower to be had, but Felix really seemed to take to the sniper rifle, knocking off a series of shots that almost make you forget about his so-called “Winston aim.”

Once arriving at the range, the gang got some firearms together and started shooting away. Eventually xQc drifted towards the sniper rifle they had on hand, and proved he’s no slouch when it comes to precision shots — at least IRL.

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Aiming at a metal target downrange, Felix fired off three shots, and after each you can hear the ping of the target being struck. It’s tough to tell from the stream how far away the target was, but, looking at the other options, it was probably several hundred feet away.

It was certainly an impressive bit of shooting, but later on in the stream xQc actually put himself in a bit of danger when he wasn’t far enough away from Hasan while the latter fired a pistol.

xQc gets an impromptu gun safety lesson

Unlike Felix’s sniper, the handgun Hasan was shooting was a semi-auto, which means the rounds automatically eject and shoot out the side. If one isn’t careful, these can injure you as they fly out pretty fast, and they’re very hot.

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While watching Hasan shoot, Felix forgot to step behind the red safety line and got pelted with a couple of spent rounds before shifting to safety. He was lucky, especially since he didn’t have safety glasses on, but he seems to have escaped unscathed.

xQc’s sharp shooting certainly put any rumors of his “Winston aim” to rest (at least for now) and he even got a firsthand lesson in gun safety. All in all, a pretty good day at the range.