UFC’s Nick Diaz appears on xQc & Ludwig’s Twitch stream and they had no idea

Nick Diaz in xQc Twitch streamTwitch: xQcOW

Fans were left stunned as the ‘Sh*tcamp’ crew of xQc, Ludwig, Hasan and more completely missed UFC star Nick Diaz during a random Twitch stream on the streets of Los Angeles.

Sh*tcamp has brought together some of the top Twitch creators for IRL streams and endeavors in LA, all staying together and putting out some unique content for their viewers.

Of course, as with any IRL stream, you should always expect the unexpected, and that couldn’t ring more true than when you put together this group of people.

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Strangely enough though, this time, it wasn’t the streamers themselves catching the attention: in fact, they were absolutely none the wiser.

While waiting for hot dogs from a street vendor in LA, the group are just chatting food and not really doing much, and for the most part it looks like a regular IRL stream — but eagle-eyed viewers clocked another celebrity in the background.

Barely a couple of days after his third-round defeat to Robbie Lawler at UFC 266, Nick Diaz — a California native — had traveled back from Vegas and was just going about his day.

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While some viewers clocked immediately, the streamers themselves were absolutely clueless, focusing on the important issues of the food they were about to consume.

To their credit, you must cross a lot of celebrities or famous people unknowingly in the streets of LA, and at the end of the day we’ve all got to eat.

Diaz isn’t the first celebrity to be spotted in a Twitch stream. In July, Jessie J walked through the background of a HAchubby Twitch stream, while Jinny also missed Marvel star Zoe Saldana appearing in her stream.

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While Diaz doesn’t seem like the Twitch type, it definitely would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he had joined up with the gang.

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