Pokimane calls xQc “hottest streamer on Twitch” after seeing him in drag

PokimanexqcTwitter, Pokimanelol/xqcow

After stumbling upon a clip of xQc in drag at Sh**camp 2021, Pokimane jokingly mentioned he may be the hottest streamer on Twitch. 

Since recently taking a brief hiatus in late August, the Offline-TV co-founder seems to have acquired a slight addiction to Valorant, which has helped her grow a friendship with former Overwatch competitor Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel over the last few weeks.

However, Pokimane and Lengyel have had their own “drama” of sorts, with the OfflineTV star ditching Mizkif for xQc to play Valorant together.

Seemingly nothing has hindered her love for her friends, so when Poki decided to stream herself watching clips of Sh**camp — a get-together involving many of her buddies — nobody was surprised.

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That is, until she stumbled upon a hilarious clip of xQc dressed in drag, and had a few words of encouragement for her Valorant squadmate.

Twitch, Pokimane
Pokimane has quite a few friends currently together for Sh**camp 2021.

Pokimane sees xQc in drag

Stumbling upon a video of xQc may not seem all that interesting, but this wasn’t your typical clip of the creator raging at a game or his stream chat.

As he came out of the hallway wearing roller skates, knee-high socks, a dress, and even glue-on nails (among a plethora of other things), Felix showed off his physique to everyone watching. Surprised, Pokimane gasped out a few words: “The nails?!”

Quickly pausing the video, Pokimane’s attitude perked up a little bit as she said: “After seeing this clip, you know if you were to ask me who I thought was the hottest streamer on Twitch… xQc’ette!”

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It turns out that Pokimane was only kidding, as she quickly amended her statement to make it clear she doesn’t think that about the Canadian-born creator.

Organized by TSM’s very own QTCinderella, Sh**camp 2021 is a friendly get-together full of hilarious antics, like this clip of xQc and including Sodapoppin eating an unpeeled banana.