xQc speechless after viewers find him in OnlyFans video with Alinity and Amouranth

Michael Gwilliam
xqc in onlyfans video with alinity and amouranth

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel somehow found himself in an OnlyFans video with two of the platform’s most successful creators.

xQc has been either at or near the top of Twitch for the last few years, but his talents might have inadvertently moved to another platform without even realizing it.

The French Canadian was browsing his own subreddit recently when he stumbled upon a post from a user claiming that they found the streamer in an OnlyFans video.

Curious about what this was, the juicer checked on the post and was left absolutely speechless when he determined that the user was right and it wasn’t just him in the video… he was with Amouranth and Alinity too!

xQc spotted in Alinity’s OnlyFans video with Amouranth

After seeing the post and not knowing how to respond for a good few moments, eventually, the former Overwatch League pro reached the conclusion that the thread wasn’t a troll.

“Brother, brother, whoa!” xQc smirked. “What the f**k is this chat on about?”

The clip in question seems to be from Amouranth’s birthday party considering the balloons and the fact she’s wearing the same dress she wore during that big event.

In the video, Alinity is seen making out with another girl while Amouranth watches and just a little bit of the top of xQc’s head is visible in the background.

Alinity and Amouranth are both two of the biggest OnlyFans creators having earned millions by selling videos to down-bad viewers. Alinity has said she’s earned more money in two months than she would have in 10 years on Twitch.

Amouranth, meanwhile, is raking in a whopping $1.5M every month. That’s almost enough to buy the new one-of-a-kind Magic: The Gathering Lord of the Rings One Ring card.

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