Amouranth gifts xQc her bath water and his reaction is incredible

xQc sniffing bag of water next to AmouranthTwitch: xQc/Amouranth

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left a bit shocked when he discovered that he’d been gifted some of Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragussa’s bath water after her visit to his home. 

When it comes to supporting your favorite streamer or content creator, you can easily pay a monthly subscription to their channel or drop a donation, but there are others who go further.

Take Amouranth as a prime example. She’s dominated Twitch’s Just Chatting category for quite some time, but she’s also got ventures outside of streaming. She sells content on other websites and has even dipped into selling her own merch too. 

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While some streamers limit their merch to t-shirts, hoodies, or stickers, she opted to sell bath water and jars of farts at one point. And it came as a surprise to xQc when he found he’d been gifted a few bottles of the water. 

xQc gets Amouranth bath water as surprise gift from Twitch star

The Canadian streamer made the discovery during his February 22 stream, as revealed that he’d received a package out of the blue and didn’t know what it was about. 

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He left his stream to collect it, but as he brought it back to the camera and opened things up, xQc was immediately taken back by it. “Chat, what is this?” he asked his viewers, showing he’d received an Amouranth-themed body pillow

That wasn’t all, though, as he also showed off the jars that he’d been sent. “I never ordered this. Bro, oh I see it. Brother! I just realized what is it. Is that Amoruanth bath water? For the record though, I did not order this.”

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The Twitch star got another surprise when he realized one of the jars had broken, causing the water to leak out into the plastic bag it was contained in. 

Some of his fans urged xQc to drink the water, but he was having none of it. Though, he was appreciative of Amoruanth sending him a gift, even if it did cause a bit of an unusual moment for him on stream.