Twitch cautions that they are “closely” monitoring Hot Tub meta

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With debate continuing to grow around Twitch’s “Hot Tub meta,” the platform has addressed the controversy directly. According to Head of Creator Development Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham, Twitch is keeping a very close eye on the burgeoning trend.

The Hot Tub meta has been a source of unrivaled drama for around a month now. Streamers have been banned, streamers have criticized Twitch for not banning streamers, and streamers have been banned for criticizing streamers.

The list goes on and on, with big names entering the fray at a moment’s notice. Most notably, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel called the new Twitch: Just Chatting meta “pathetic,” while Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter asked its haters a simple question: “Why are you so angry?”

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The Hot Tub meta is obviously a… heated point of discussion and one brought to Twitch’s attention directly during the platform’s “Let’s Chat” stream on April 28. During that broadcast, Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham explained that the situation is being monitored “closely” so that guidelines are strictly followed.

For those confused about the situation, Graham explains a few things. According to Twitch’s Terms of Service guidelines for apparel, bathing suits are permissible as long as they are being worn in an appropriate environment.

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In this case, streamers are therefore entitled to revealing swimwear without being banned because, as djWHEAT clarifies, “hot tubs do fall under that criteria.” So, easing some concerns, the attire in that setting is entirely permissible per ToS.

What’s not entirely permissible is certain degrees of behavior in the hot tub, and that’s what djWHEAT elaborated on while maintaining that Twitch “have been watching closely.”

amouranth on a banana pool toy on streamTwitch/Amouranth
Streamers like Amouranth have enjoyed massive success with the new meta.

“What has not changed is the sexually suggestive and explicit content is not allowed under the guidelines, under the ToS, and Twitch will take action when that is reported to us.” According to djWHEAT, while Twitch is fine with the attire, the content that comes with it must remain above board.

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Although many may complain about the hot tub meta showing some degree of hypocrisy (comparing a bikini top to a bra, for example), djWHEAT’s response suggests the issue is more about Twitch’s ToS than any inconsistency in administration. It remains to be seen if that response satisfies the community or if the ToS will be subject to change.

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