xQc reacts as YouTube channel terminated amid copyright chaos

Jake Nichols
xqc youtube

Streaming star xQc has reacted to his YouTube channel’s sudden shutdown, expressing confidence that the channel and videos will return.

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been under fire for “stealing content” for his reaction videos and has faced multiple copyright strikes on YouTube across his various channels. In recent weeks, however, xQc had refrained from posting to his main YouTube channel, seemingly hoping to avoid another copyright strike that would put his account at risk.

But now, the streamer has learned that his channel has been taken down after attempts to visit the page led to a message stating, “This page isn’t available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else.”

At the time of writing, xQc’s YouTube channel was completely inaccessible, and all of his content had disappeared from the site.

Reacting to the situation live on stream, xQc expressed confusion and a hint of frustration. He believes the termination is due to pending counterclaims on copyright strikes not being processed in time, resulting in an “auto-termination.”

xQc seemed optimistic about the reversal of this situation, stating, “I think it’s because, like basically I think some, what the strikes were going to kick in, then I had like a counterclaim, and then it just, it didn’t kick in in time or something like that, and it’s auto-termination, but it gets, it comes back up.”

Despite the setback, xQc seems relatively unconcerned about the situation from a personal standpoint, indicating that he doesn’t care about the financials. Rather, xQc’s more focused on the community aspect of his content.

“I’m financially not mad about it and never will, ’cause it was always for people,” he stated. “YouTube is for people, I don’t care what the amount of money it makes… It sucks that we lose it for now because people don’t get their content, right? But revenue-wise, I haven’t looked twice at it.”

Although xQc’s seemingly hopeful that that channel will return, his fans aren’t so sure and are disappointed by the small chance that all of his content could be lost forever.

One fan remarked, “This legitimately sucks if he isn’t able to get the channel back. Discovered his content late 2019-Early 2020 and there were so many good memories.”

Another added, “Lowkey tho, his old vids were entertaining [as f***]. Sucks to see so many memories go down this way.”

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