xQc refuses to stop watching shows on Twitch and is planning more anime streams

xQc next to Hunter x Hunter character.Twitch: xQc / Viz Media

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has made his stance on Twitch’s controversial “react meta” quite clear ⁠— he is refusing to stop watching TV shows on-streams and is even planning more to air more anime series in the future.

Twitch has become awash with streamers watching TV shows like Master Chef, Avatar, and Death Note recently, not least of all platform king xQc.

The French-Canadian star has been right at the heart of the controversial “react meta,” streaming Gordon Ramsay shows and anime like Hunter x Hunter. And while others are now calling time on the meta after Pokimane’s ban and Disguised Toast’s elaborate prank, xQc has no plans to stop.

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In fact, he’s doubling down on watching shows.

“I’m not going to stop,” he said. “What is the problem? We’re gonna keep watching Master Chef, definitely gonna keep watching Hunter x Hunter. That’s the plan.”

xQc inside Masterchef studioYouTube: Masterchef / Twitch: xQc
xQc has been watching MasterChef and anime on Twitch for the last few weeks.

Lengyel has made it clear he doesn’t think any kind of sanction is coming, especially regarding his anime watching. He’s watching Hunter x Hunter for now, then will move onto a different anime, he says.

“What are people expecting, crackdowns?” he laughed.

“Really, are these guys okay? Brother, people have been watching full seasons of Master Chef, and they’re saying it’s okay. How are people going to point the finger at me, and blame, claiming they’re holier than thou, when they’re doing the same thing, if not worse, on their streams? I’m so confused.”

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“There’s other people watching YouTube. Hasan watches news, that’s really poking the bear at full throttle. These takes aren’t bad, but the hypocrisy is insane.”

Related segment begins at 6:31 in VOD below.

“People have been doing all this DMCA sh*t for the longest time ever, watching shows included. I don’t think it’s an issue,” xQc said. “They enforce stuff based on how likely it is to blow up and then Twitch has to ban you. TV shows don’t really have that. It’s why boxing is, like, extremely DMCA, so it’s insane.

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“Why do people act like DMCA are going to do sh*t?

“Twitch is the wild west,” he continued. “When it comes to other sh*t, it’s the wild west [for DMCA strikes]. Nobody knows what’s going to stick and what won’t stick.

“What I stream is something people want. If people want to watch it, they’ll watch. That’s it! How is it bad if it’s something people want, and people are getting?”