xQc doubles down on reaction content after Twitter fight with SomeOrdinaryGamers

Theo Burman
xQc in black shirt talking to camera

xQc doubled down on his defense of reaction content after YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers described his reaction to LEMMiNO’s JFK assassination documentary as “garbage”.

The top Twitch and Kick streamer came under fire for using the rare LEMMiNO upload for free content, with some viewers accusing him of “stealing content”.

After xQc stood up for his video by saying: “There are some topics I’ll talk more about… but overall, I know what people want”, YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers quote-tweeted one of the viral posts criticizing xQc, saying: “Just a shame garbage like this fills the recommended tab.”

xQc fires back at critics accusing him of “stealing” reaction content

xQc fired back in the replies, saying: “I wonder what triggers people like you so much. Revenue share? Audience split, algorithm? I’ve heard this complaint a million times and most “public figures” try to attack it from multiple angles, just to fall flat on their face. I’m watching a vid I like to my people. That’s it.”

Another commentor said that the streamer should split revenue with the creator of the video at least 50/50, to which xQc replied: “They can claim the whole fucking thing and they do a lot of times. I swear you guys just make sh*t up for the hell of it.

“My stuff gets re-uploaded for the “YouTube frogs” that miss the stream. Get me contradictory analytics, or facts. Anything else is zzzzzz.”

It doesn’t look like xQc will be backing down from this point any time soon.

The video that started the whole debate, LEMMiNO’s JFK assassination documentary, is the youtuber’s first upload in a year. The Swedish creator is knows for his long-form video essays, which often take months, if not years to make.

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