xQc saves Kai Cenat from getting banned on Twitch like Dr Disrespect

kai cenat xqcTwitch: Kai Cenat, xQc

Twitch star xQc saved Kai Cenat from getting banned on the platform after they almost entered the bathroom during an IRL stream, similar to how Dr Disrespect received a ban during E3 2019.

During E3 back in 2019, Dr Disrespect was doing his first-ever IRL Twitch stream when he and his crew entered the events bathroom and continued to stream.

Doc was swiftly hit with a Twitch ban and was removed from the event following the bathroom stream. He’s since been permabanned for a different, unknown reason.

Twitch star xQc saved Kai Cenat from facing the same fate during their recent IRL stream at universal studios.

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xQc saves Kai Cenat from Dr Disrespect-style Twitch ban

As apart of Kai’s month-long subathon, the Twitch star has invited a variety of guests to the stream. On February 20, he joined up with xQc for an IRL stream visit to Universal Studio’s theme park.

During the broadcast, Kai and his crew were set to walk into the park’s bathroom when xQc stopped them.

“No camera in the bathroom, that’s an instant ban… ask Dr Disrespect,” xQc said.

The cameraman quickly turned around and let Kai Cenat do his business before returning to explore the rest of the park.

During Kai’s subathon so far he’s been stream sniped by the infamous Game Awards stage crasher, featured KSI, was purposely attacked by dogs, and more.

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It’s clear that fans have loved his variety of content lately as well as they’ve helped him reach over 180,000 subscribers on the platform.

We’ll keep you updated as his subathon comes to a close in the next week, so keep an eye on our entertainment section.