Kai Cenat and KSI leave small Twitch streamer speechless after gifting subs

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat and YouTube star KSI made a small creator’s night after generously gifting 200 subscribers to the streamer who had only one viewer.

Kai Cenat has quickly become one of the fastest-growing streamers on Twitch in the last year. At the time of writing, the Twitch star sits at the top of the ladder as the most subscribed creator on the Amazon-owned platform.

So far, his month-long subathon has been nothing short of chaotic. Despite being swatted on the second day, the show has gone on, and Kai has since had numerous guests appear on the broadcast. The popular streamer has even gone as far as to have trained dogs attack him — all for content.

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Now, alongside YouTuber KSI, the pair made a small creators’ night by raiding and gifting 200 subscribers to the streamer who had only one viewer.

KSI and Kai Cenat gift 200 subs to small streamer

During Kai’s February 18 broadcast, the Twitch star brought YouTuber, boxer and rapper KSI onto the stream. While they goofed around for the most part, the two eventually felt generous, and decided to bless other creators on the platform.

The pair stumbled across a small streamer that goes by the name of ‘killerman2216’, who had only one viewer at the time, before suddenly hundreds of Kai Cenat viewers began to tune in.

It was then that Kai began gifting subscribers to the small streamer. The Twitch star started by gifting just 100 subscribers, which left the small creator completely speechless.

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As the gifted subs began to pour in, KSI too was left lost for words: “He’s sh***ing him oh my god,” the YouTuber said. “Oh my god this is amazing.”

Kai then followed up by gifting another 100 subscribers to killerman, who by that point had close to 2000 viewers watching the stream live.

It’s fair to say killerman was left in awe by the two influencers’ generosity — who gained over 1000 new followers.