xQc baffled as Twitch’s new Power-ups feature takes over screen

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star xQc was left completely confused by Twitch’s new power-ups and instantly looked for a way to turn it off.

Although Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel boasts a lucrative contract with Kick, he’s free to keep streaming on Twitch, where he boasts over 12 million followers.

Those followers got a front-row seat to his hilarious reaction to Twitch’s latest feature, ‘Power-ups,’ which allow viewers to enhance their messages with bits.

These enhancements let viewers make their emotes bigger, trigger a celebration on-stream, and add effects to messages to make them stand out — sometimes causing a cascade of emotes that can completely obscure whatever the streamer’s trying to show.

It seems that xQc wasn’t a fan of the stream of emotes that began flooding his broadcast, immediately shouting, “What the f*ck is all that?”

The streamer immediately asked his friends for help, spending the next several minutes navigating his settings in an effort to stop the emote takeover. “Dude, this is insane,” he said.

In response to his efforts in stopping the emotes, viewers continued to spam them even more — but luckily, xQc found a way to “jack up the price” so his viewers would knock it off.

Lengyel isn’t the only broadcaster who’s already tired of Twitch’s latest feature. Other streamers have made their thoughts quite clear on the new tool, including the likes of PirateSoftware, who urged the platform to introduce a toggle so they can disable it.

“Any time a feature launches that modifies the broadcast experience it needs to come with a toggle to enable or disable it,” he argued. “Larger streams are unwatchable unless the streamer edits these to be super expensive or have a long cooldown. Having no toggle on this is wild.”

“Option to turn off please,” Vinesauce’s Vinny pleaded. “I don’t like random garbage on my screen while I play random garbage.”

Thus far, Twitch hasn’t provided an official response to the backlash over its latest offering — but this is just one of many big changes the site has made over the last few weeks.

On top of raising its subscription prices, Twitch has also implemented a new program that allows DJs to stream music risk-free… something that was met with positive responses earlier this month.