Summit1g mindblown after GTA RP hacker targets him in NoPixel

Connor Bennett
Summit1g and GTA character stealing from store
Twitch: Summit1G/Rockstar

Twitch star Jared ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was left pretty astounded after a hacker jumped into the NoPixel GTA RP server and targeted him in particular. 

While the NoPixel GTA RP server is difficult to get into – you need to get approved by the admins and the waiting list is supremely long – some players will do anything for the chance to mix it with some of their favorite roleplayers.

Some players will snatch the opportunity with both hands and become a regular on the server, but there are plenty who are just there to troll and cause chaos.

In the past, some trolls have got in and tried to ruin things for everyone – taking the server down and screaming racial slurs in extremely populated areas – but this, they just wanted to go after Summit.

Graphics: Rockstar / Shorty Awards
Summit has been involved in GTA RP for years.

During his August 28 stream, the leader of the 1G Squad was doing what he normally does on NoPixle – showing off his flash racing skills. However, seconds before one race started, he was taken back by someone shouting racial slurs nearby him.

Summit was thrown off by that, asking if the player had just quit the game, but things didn’t end there. His car was constantly using NOS boosts when he didn’t want it to and NPC cars popped up in his path, trying to throw him off. Though, the hacker returned, dropping homophobic slurs in the server’s in-game chat system.

“Wow dude, no way. What is wrong with people?” Summit asked after spotting the messages. “Some people got issues in life, chat, that’s all there is to it. Some people want power but when they get that power, they’re the last people you want to have it.”

The hacking troll was ultimately dealt with and shouldn’t be bothering Summit going forward, but he couldn’t help but be annoyed at the time.

As secure as NoPixel is, some slip through cracks at times, but when they make themselves so obvious, they don’t last long.