xQc ‘accidentally’ goes live on Twitch, proceeds to leak address in private call

Jeremy Gan

xQc has seemingly leaked an address of his again after “accidentally” going live on Twitch while taking through a private phone call. 

xQc has been known to move around a lot during his streaming career. Throughout his years in the public spotlight, the Twitch superstar has moved houses every few months for various reasons. 

While xQc has not exactly been upfront as to why his most recent move took place, in the past it’s been due to everything from swattings, Visa issues, to his address being leaked. 

However, most of the time his address has leaked, it hasn’t come from the streamer directly. In the past, he had accidentally leaked his address through his IP address, but this time it’s different. 

In an extremely short minute-and-a-half stream, xQc was taking a private phone call in which he needed to tell the person on the other end his address, which he did. The address he gave was his old house in Texas which he no longer resides in. 

xQc would only notice he was live after receiving a TTS message from a viewer. He then immediately took down the stream and VOD in its entirety. However, it was too late as is often the case on the internet, and the stream had already been clipped. 

He would go on to say in his own Twitch chat, “I was ready to go live, and the go-live button was highlighted, I clicked space or some s*** and it went live.” 

Further saying, “biggest accident since I made this Twitch account. That’s actually insane. Welp. GG.” 

However, some of xQc’s viewers weren’t convinced it was entirely accidental, arguing it was connected to Adept. His ex, who he is embroiled in divorce proceedings with, may have been living in the house after xQc’s departure since early June. Though this is obviously unsubstantiated for now, so take the speculation with a grain of salt.

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