Tyler1 responds to xQc's DMCA Twitch ban: "these dudes don't give a f**k" - Dexerto

Tyler1 responds to xQc’s DMCA Twitch ban: “these dudes don’t give a f**k”

Published: 29/Jul/2021 16:17

by Lawrence Scotti


Tyler1 chimed in on the controversy surrounding xQc’s recent ban over watching the Olympics on stream, sparking a conversation about DMCA on Twitch.

Twitch streamer xQc made headlines on July 28 when his Twitch account received a five-hour ban after he had streamed himself watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This ban was the fourth for xQc’s Twitch channel, and luckily for him, was merely temporary.

Many Twitch streamers have been hit with bans for streaming DMCA content, like RunTheFUTMarket and Summit1g. Twitch announced on July 20 that DMCA bans “aren’t permanent” anymore, as in the past they would permanently ban your account.


Tyler1, the biggest League of Legends streamer on Twitch, spoke about the ban on his stream after it happened.

“Yeah, I saw xQc got banned. These cringe kids, man. Bro, I’m sitting here sweating, I’ve been listening to this same sh**ty, dogs**t playlist from top to bottom respecting DMCA like a good little boy. These guys are just listening to everything bro. Motherf**ker. I think it’s because he watched Olympics on stream. Like, these dudes don’t give a f**k.”

Tyler goes on to describe the non-copyrighted music he listens to onstream as random robot noises, making “beep-boop” sounds. Tyler has continuously played the same monotonous music on his stream over the last year as Twitch has cracked down on DMCA.


After the ban, xQc tweeted how he thought he was in the clear to stream the Olympics, but then said “I’ll be better/smarter next time and follow guidelines more strictly.”

Tyler1 and xQc have previous beef, back when xQc was banned on Twitch for streaming sniping during a Fall Guys tournament, Tyler said “I hope it’s permanent. Enjoy YouTube.”

loltyler1/ xQcOW
Tyler1 and xQc have quite entertaining beef with each other.

After the Fall Guys stream sniping drama, Tyler1 and xQc were on a call where Tyler called him a “sore loser“, and a screaming match ensued.