xQc immediately risks ban from Kick by watching The Dark Knight

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One of xQc’s first streams on Kick almost went south when a member of Kick’s staff hopped into chat to tell him he was violating the site’s DMCA policy. The reason for the breach? Streaming the entire Dark Knight film as part of a movie night.

It might have been something that a smaller streamer on Kick could have gotten away with, but for someone as notable as xQc, it wasn’t going to be long before he got found out.

xQc was over an hour into the film when a Kick staffer pinned a message to his chat, explaining that his stream was violating the site’s DMCA policy, a broadcasting regulation that prevents people from getting around copyright law.

Kick staff step in to stop xQc getting banned for DMCA breach

The message read: “Hello there, we would like to notify you that streaming the specific content is in violation of our DMCA policy.

“Therefore, we kindly ask you to stop your live stream and be aware that we will need to remove the current VOD containing this content.”

xQc responded by stopping the film, saying: “f*ck, ok, I get it. Ah sh*t, makes sense. VOD friends, ggs.”

It’s not surprising that Kick is concerned about what their new biggest streamer is up to on their site. The deal with xQc brought a huge amount of publicity from both the streaming community and the mainstream media, so it’s understandable that they’re keeping an eye on his content.

This was one of the first times that xQc went live on Kick after his massive signing with the alternative streaming company, which saw the streamer agree to a two-year non-exclusive deal worth $70 million.

For more news and updates on xQc’s move to Kick, check out how many new users the site gained after xQc joined them.

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