xQc banned & unbanned from Twitch for the fifth time – and no one knows why

Shay Robson
xQc Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has once again been banned from Twitch, making this the fifth ban he’s received in his streaming career, and nobody knows why.

Update Aug 14

As fast as xQc’s fifth ban came was as quickly as it was rescinded. Mere hours after getting suspended on Twitch, he was unbanned and his channel has been reinstated.

Suspicions still point to a complication with a DMCA claim, but no confirmation to that end has been made available.

xQc is one of the largest creators on the entire Twitch platform. His latest punishment lasted just over four hours, and will undoubtedly be a talking point for his Twitch chat when he goes live again.

Original story follows below…

On August 14, xQc, one of the biggest, if not the current biggest streamer currently on Twitch was banned from the platform for the fifth time.

As of now, no reason for the ban has been revealed, but with it being his fifth ban on Twitch, it could potentially lead to a permanent ban from the platform depending on how serious the situation is.

One speculation from the streamer’s viewers is that this is another DMCA ban, similar to his last ban. Last week xQc decided to broadcast Kayne West’s DONDA event. Despite asking for permission to play the new album, to no one’s surprise, he received no response, so he streamed it anyways.

The last ban was only a couple of weeks ago in July when he was issued a DMCA strike from the Olympic Committee for rebroadcasting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. xQc decided to fight back against the “unfair claim”, filing his own DMCA counter-claim to have the strike dismissed. The counterclaim could cost xQc millions of dollars to fight in court according to his lawyer.

xQc has still not yet responded, leaving everybody wondering as to what he did to deserve his fifth ban.