xQc beats up dummy to demonstrate how his viewers treat him

xQc standing and pointing at his freestanding dummy

Twitch star xQc has responded to claims his streams are negative by demonstrating to fans how they treat him by beating up his freestanding dummy.

xQc is undoubtedly one of the biggest Twitch streamers, with an impressive 11.8 million followers by his side. However, it’s reasonable to say his viewers enjoy poking fun and giving him a fair bit of stick.

During his April 30 broadcast, xQc opened up to his viewers after stumbling upon a Reddit thread discussing why his streams have been so negative.

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In the Reddit thread, a fan claimed that there’s a “weird feeling of negativity,” and that it seems X is always looking to start an argument for the sake of it. “It’s literally malders, baiters, insults, dogsh*t bait trash,” he responded. “I don’t know why you guys are malding anyways.”

The Twitch star explained he’s recently been in “the worst mind space of all time” recently, adding he found it difficult for him to wake up the day prior — even finding it hard to play Minecraft.

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A comment from another viewer claimed the ‘Juicer’ has been in a negative mindset since he came under fire from his own community for gambling on stream.

The comment clearly provoked xQc, where he then started a demonstration as to how his own fans treat him. “I’m going to explain to chat what’s been happening with the stream, let me demonstrate it,” he said.

Using Bob, his freestanding dummy, as a representation of himself, xQc began demonstrating how viewers insult him — and then question why he isn’t happy.

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xQc lashed out at the dummy, repeatedly striking it with his hand while insulting it, before kicking it across the room.

The streamer then made the point of how although viewers know he’s unhappy, they still continue to continuously put him down.

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