xQc reveals one thing he ‘couldn’t stand’ about other Twitch stars at Shitcamp

xQc reveals one thing he 'couldn't stand' about other Twitch stars at ShitcampTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel told fans the one thing he couldn’t stand about Twitch streamers at Shitcamp 2021, and it’s something party-goers know all too well – the struggle to secure food and drinks.

xQc told fans he had a great time at Shitcamp 2021. In fact, between showing Hasan his sniper skillsdressing in drag, squashing his beef with Myth, and winning the kickball event, he had an absolute blast.

He had such a good time, he’s considering moving back to Los Angeles and even teased future collaborations with streamers who were there, including a crazy idea to re-create the hit TV show Survivor.

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Funnily enough, though, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, according to the ‘juicer warlord.’ While dishing out some tongue-in-cheek commentary about the event, he revealed one thing he ‘couldn’t stand’ about other streamers there.

xQc reveals crazy Twitch streamer survivor island idea for Shitcamp 2022Twitter: Ludwig
xQc was one of many streamers involved in Shitcamp 2021.

“Everyone’s giving me compliments about the event. You know what? I’m going to through some f**king shade,” he proclaimed. “Everybody is being nice. I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to be rude.”

“Every day, the fridge had nothing but beer in it. Nothing. Every f**king thing. Top, middle, whatever. Only beer.” He even tried to fill it with soft drinks, only to find that everyone else had taken them while he was sleeping.

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After that, he had enough and decided to put his own beer and drinks in there. But that didn’t stop people from taking them too. “Everybody f**king yoinked it! It was always out, and nobody was restocking!”

To make matters worse, he revealed that he made “five or six orders” of food for himself because he was hungry. However, once it arrived, everyone poached it. And then, when they ordered their own, they didn’t share.

xQc wrapped things up by saying he wished the people weren’t just ordering food for themselves, but for their “homies” too.

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However, he was smiling at the end and assured fans he wasn’t mad about it. “It was a fun event. I enjoyed it,” he said.