xQc hits back at Twitch viewers claiming they miss the “old” xQc

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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit back at a Twitch viewer who donated to say that they missed the “old” version of the streamer, claiming he ignores people who clearly don’t watch his stream.

xQc is among the most popular Twitch streamers on the internet. The former Overwatch pro boasts upwards of 11 million followers on the Amazon-owned broadcasting platform, known for his high-level gameplay, forthright opinions, and, on occasion, incredible rages.

The Canadian is also something of a veteran of Twitch, frequently streaming since 2016 (alongside his esports career). As such, fans occasionally become nostalgic for past eras, games, and streams.

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In an August 11 broadcast, though, Lengyel had some choice words for one viewer who donated purely to say that they miss the “old PVC”. PVC simply refers to xQc, with viewers often joking at the streamer’s expense by calling him three-letter acronyms that rhyme with his actual title.

xQc hits back after viewer claims they miss the “old” xQc

The streamer was playing some Rust with friends when the $5 donation came in with the message “I miss the old PVC.”

Despite being fairly harmless on paper, the contribution frustrated xQc, who quickly retorted that he doesn’t listen to people who clearly don’t watch his streams.

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“You’re saying that but the reality is you probably didn’t even watch the old xQc, to be honest,” he said. “You’re just an LSFAndy. Why do you think I don’t budge to dogs**t f**king Reddit complaints and s**t like that? Because none of them watch the stream and know what the stream is about.”

He finished: “They just flood in when there’s outrage and they go there to farm karma and get some free recognition on the internet to feel better about themselves. I do not give a f**k. Literal dogs**t. They don’t watch, why the f**k should I care?”

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Some viewers were shocked that the seemingly innocent message elicited such a strong response from xQc but, given his progression and growth on the platform, it’s perhaps understandable that the calls for an “old” version of himself get under his skin.

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