OBS and Streamlabs reach agreement after plagiarism controversy

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Streaming services OBS and Streamlabs have reached an agreement following controversy in November 2021. Streamlabs was accused of stealing OBS’ name, as well as plagiarizing from other streamer tool developers and using photos of Twitch stars like Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys without their consent.

Streamlabs was criticized on November 17 after a number of streaming tools developers ⁠— and streamers themselves ⁠— accused the company of stealing and plagiarism, as well as using photos of streamers in promotion material without their consent.

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The developers behind Lightstream claimed Streamlabs copied their website to promote their new Studio service. Open-source streaming software OBS also accused Streamlabs of stealing their name ⁠— for Streamlabs OBS ⁠— after originally being asked not to use it.

However, OBS and Streamlabs have reached an agreement on December 24 to “commit to a long-term collaboration”.

“In the past few weeks, [the OBS team] have been in discussion with Streamlabs to have a transparent conversation on trust and partnership, and together, we now have a plan moving forward,” they said in a statement.

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“Both of our teams have a shared mission to support streamers, and the industry is better when we can all work together. We are happy to have Streamlabs support the project in the long-term so we can continue to build tools for the community.”

Streamlabs added to OBS’ statement, saying: “Our goal has always been to serve creators, and we are grateful for the opportunity to establish a better relationship to do that.”

Streamlabs has also removed the name OBS from all their products, renaming to Streamlabs Desktop.

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Streamlabs’ new response has still been met with criticism from creators following the widespread accusations.

Earlier claims from the likes of Pokimane saw numerous Twitch stars vow to never use Streamlabs again after using photos of them without their permission.

Some are choosing to stand by the boycott, but big names are yet to speak out on the latest agreement.

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