xQc is delaying his ambitious 60-day Twitch subathon

Isaac McIntyre
xQc has delayed his ambitious 60-day subathon to make more money on Twitch.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has already slammed the brakes on the ambitious 60-day subathon he was planning to host next month, with the streamer now eyeing a date “later this year” to make his big bid for a slice of Twitch history.

Last month, Ludwig Ahgren dominated the streaming world.

From March 14 to April 14, the Twitch star broadcast every minute of his life, playing games, seeing friends, and even sleeping in his big red racing car bed.

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The now-iconic subathon fired Ludwig into the history books as the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all-time, dethroning Ninja in the process, and netted him a whopping 270k subscribers across 31 days. It’s a salivating slice of Twitch pie many want in on, including powerhouse streamer xQc.

He claimed: “We’ll beat the record, by a longshot.”

The French-Canadian’s promised subathon ⁠— which he says will run for a whopping 60 days ⁠— has now been delayed, however, until “the end of the year.”

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xqc and ludwig on twitchTwitch: xQc / Twitch: Ludwig
Lengyel has Ludwig’s historic Twitch milestone set firmly in his sights… just a little later this year.

xQc confirmed the Twitch subathon delay midway through an appearance on Nmplol’s May 27 stream; the streaming star admitted the “big bucks” he could earn over 60 days at the end of the year is just too alluring to pass up.

“I’ve thought about it, [and] I’m not doing it [next month],” the French-Canadian said during a conversation about his subathon. Instead, he revealed, he was eyeing a new date around “the end of the year” to pull the trigger, with December the most likely option to start the two-month saga.

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“My five-head thinking is doing it Q4. Ads are going to be so wild. The closer you are to Q4… they’re madness!” he said. “Two times, three times as big!”

What xQc means is he wants to tap into the boosted CPM (cost per mile) that the Amazon-owned platform offers its partners around the holiday seasons. Because there are more eyes on streams, Twitch’s ad revenue spikes.

Ludwig, who ironically was also on the stream, was certainly impressed: “Oh, you’d make so much money! Dude, you’re going to make $2 million in ads in a month.”

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While xQc fans will be disappointed to hear the 60-day subathon is being pushed back nearly half a year, it certainly makes sense why the Twitch star would want to hold off starting just yet.

When the show finally does begin ⁠— in December, it sounds like ⁠— it’s going to be a spectacle. xQc said of his plans: “I wanna get an IRL backpack ready, a good setup so I can move around the house with multiple computers. I’ve sent a DM to a guy who does a lot of tech stuff, he’s going to help.”

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“I’m gonna get two or three full computers, so I can do a subathon Andy and put them around the house… yeah, 60 days. It’s gonna be huge.”

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