Ludwig jokes he’s going to sabotage xQc’s upcoming Twitch subathon

Andrew Amos
xqc and ludwig on twitchTwitch: xQc / Twitch: Ludwig

After making Twitch history with his 30-day subathon, Ludwig Ahgren is going to do whatever it takes to hold that record, joking he was going to sabotage Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s upcoming attempt at the record when he goes to visit the streamer in Texas.

Ludwig’s Twitch record is under threat. After breaking the record for the longest Twitch stream, as well as the most subscribers, through his 30-day subathon, plenty of other top streamers have eyed off his throne.

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No one is a more serious threat than xQc though. The French-Canadian is the biggest streamer going around on Twitch, and has committed to a 60-day subathon to knock off Ludwig.

However, the current record-holder isn’t going to relinquish it that easily.

Ludwig Twitch stream subathon finally ends after 30 days.Twitch: Ludwig
A teary-eyed Ludwig signed off his 30-day Twitch subathon on April 13.

Ludwig joked about potentially sabotaging xQc’s upcoming Twitch subathon, which the star pencilled in tentatively for sometime in May or June back in April.

“I might be [in Texas] by the time he’s started his subathon ⁠— and then maybe suddenly someone will cut his internet,” Ludwig schemed.

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“That’d be weird. Wouldn’t it be weird if somebody showed up to Texas and then his internet cut out mid-subathon?”

Ludwig also took a cheeky jab at xQc and his streaming habits already. Given the star is live for at least 12 hours a day, every day, the record-holder might not even have a chance to hang with xQc in Texas.

“I don’t think xQc hangs out with people. I couldn’t imagine ⁠— because to hang out, he’d have to not be live on Twitch, and I couldn’t imagine that,” he said.

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“‘Hey I’m in town X if you want to hang out and get lunch. When are you not live? From 2am to 8am? Okay, that’d make it Whataburger maybe’s open… it’s kind of hard to deal with.’”

While Ludwig is no longer the most subscribed to Twitch streamer currently ⁠— that mantle is currently occupied by Ranboo with 98,000 subs ⁠— he wouldn’t mind holding his seemingly unbeatable title for a little bit longer.

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What a shame it would be if xQc’s net cuts out at 250,000 subscribers though. At least we’d know who to blame.

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