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xQc breaks down after finally beating Jump King in front of 50k viewers

Published: 20/Dec/2019 1:05

by Isaac McIntyre


After nearly 50 hours of gameplay, a dozen streams, countless desk slams, and explosions, 5,000 heartbreaking falls, and more than 80,000 individual jumps, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has finally finished Jump King DLC.

xQc has been grinding Jump King’s ‘Ghost of the Babe’ DLC since its release on December 13, and after other Twitch stars slowly finished the notoriously difficult game, the former Overwatch pro was left alone in his own platformer hell.

Now, a full week after the game’s third chapter was released, xQc has finally conquered the indie title. It would be a momentous occasion for any gamer, but the Twitch star revealed the victory was extra special, after Jump King and its extreme difficulty had been ‘haunting’ him all week.

“Oh my god, oh my god! Holy sh*t dude, I actually can’t believe it. I’m shaking. Holy sh*t!! We did it baby, we f*cking did it! It’s over,” xQc yelled upon reaching the top.

“It took us way, way longer than anybody else and I don’t care. This was not about the game and the pixels. We dropped so many ratings in so many games, but I have never felt the way I did after not being able to beat this game.”

The Canadian seemed simultaneously ecstatic, and nearly deranged after defeating the game that had pushed him to his limits, repeating the noise of the falling sound over and over again before reenacting it on his bed.

He went on to explain the pains he had suffered physically from slamming his hand on his desk over and over again while falling, and then revealed he was planning to “never, ever” return to Nexile’s cartoon platformer.

Despite sounding like he hated the game, in the end, the Twitch star admitted he couldn’t stop thinking about Jump King, even after switching off his stream, and the failures of each of his dozen broadcasts played over in his head.

“I never felt so weirded, every night it was just so odd, I just had this odd feeling,” he explained. “Like a deep feeling that I shouldn’t have for a f*cking game, for pixels, but I felt it… I only wanted to finish it to get rid of this feeling.”

“It’s such an odd feeling. I wanted to give up, and if I fall, I want to give up even more dude. But you guys didn’t give up either, you showed up every day. I thought I was going to kill the channel doing this shit every day, but you still showed up.”

NexilexQc has been struggling to complete Jump King’s new DLC for nearly a week.

The streamer admitted he had used his chat’s calls for him to fall as “fuel” to drive him ever onwards, but there was one viewer — not even a subscriber — that truly motivated him to reach the pinnacle of the Ghost of the Babe, and succeed.

“I’m not kidding, I never read chat when I’m in really hard parts of a game, but the last time we fell, the chat was full of ‘Omegaluls’ making fun of me, and in this sea of ‘Omegaluls,’ I’m not kidding, in the sea I saw one guy, a non-sub,” xQc revealed.

“I don’t know who the f*ck he is, but he said: “You got this.” He said that, not even in caps, just a simple ‘you got this,’ and I was like “You’re damn right we got this!” and we just went back up dude, and ‘bam!’ we got it. Feels so fulfilling.”

Although xQc didn’t seem to enjoy his time with the platformer, or at least became obsessed with finishing it, there’s no denying Jump King has taken the gaming community by storm since it’s May 2019 release, mainly due to its difficulty.

For now, however, it seems like xQc’s self-inflicted trials are over, which is probably for the best considering how emotional he got once he reached the top — but there’s always more DLC looming for Nexile’s difficult platformer.


James Charles sparks heated beef with rapper Asian Doll over makeup artist fees

Published: 15/Jan/2021 23:17

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and makeup mogul James Charles has started some unexpected beef with rapper Asian Doll after she made a divisive tweet over the price some makeup artists charge for their work.

James Charles is known for getting into the occasional Twitter spat with high-profile celebrities; in August 2020, the YouTuber called out music artist Alicia Keys for her then-unreleased skincare line, which he mistakenly interpreted as another celebrity cash-grab in the makeup biz. (This was not the case.)

Now, it seems that Charles has struck up a feud with none other than Dallas-based rapper Asian Doll — the first female rapper to be signed to Gucci Mane’s very own record label, 1017 Eskimo Records.

It all started over a post Asian Doll made on January 15, where she took issue with makeup artists charging hefty fees for their services.


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“If you charge over $150 to do a face of makeup, you can go to hell, respectfully,” she wrote.

Charles was quick to clap back: “What a stupid tweet. One foundation can cost $50, artists have to buy EVERY SHADE for their kit, & thats just the first step…Either pay an artist’s rate for their time & skill, do it yourself, OR get it done at a counter and risk looking busted.”

It seems that Charles’ reply has sparked an avalanche of backlash against him from Asian Doll’s fans, with many accusing him of overstepping his bounds.

Charles has apparently messed with the wrong rapper, as Asian Doll was also quick to fire shots at the beauty guru in a series of additional tweets.

“What a dumb a** to be in my business replying to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. I’m having a debate about HOOD PRICES baby, stay over there in HOLLYWOOD where they having you looking GHOST,” she wrote — most likely referring to the infamous photo of James Charles wearing foundation several shades lighter than his natural skin tone.

“Literally stop robbing the poor,” the rapper added in a now-deleted reply. “All I’m saying is people shouldn’t have to pay over $150 for a face, DATS IT!”

It seems that Asian Doll’s post has stirred up quite the debate regarding the value and pricing of makeup artists’ time and work in her comments section — but James’ involvement in the conversation has sparked another kind of conversation, altogether.