FaZe Jarvis reveals he’s moving to Call of Duty after Fortnite ban

YouTube: Jarvis

FaZe Clan member and YouTuber Jarvis has revealed that he plans to make the switch to Call of Duty. The revelation comes after he was handed a lifetime ban for using aimbots in Fortnite.

The brother of fellow FaZe member Kay, Jarvis was banned from Fortnite indefinitely after using the cheats in videos uploaded to his channel.

He later apologized in a tearful video, openly admitting to using the cheats but saying “it didn’t even cross my mind I could be banned for life from Fortnite for this.”

YouTube: JarvisJarvis was handed a permanent ban from Fortnite for cheating.

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The story of his ban instantly went viral as other streamers and YouTubers weighed in on whether the severity of the punishment was fair. Mixer star Ninja was one of the most vocal, stating that the lifetime ban as too harsh for a first-time offense.

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Regardless of the debate online, it appears Epic Games are upholding their decision, and with no option to return to his game of choice, Jarvis has revealed his plans moving forward.

In an impromptu interview with TMZ,  Jarvis said that the next game he will “completely destroy” is Call of Duty, claiming “I’m going to snipe in that game, we’re going to get cracked.”

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The FaZe star also confirmed that there was “no chance” of a return to Fortnite, while fellow member Teeqo suggested he could even make the transition to Counter-Strike content too.

The problem Jarvis faces is not so much a lack of choice for other games, but more so that his audience is already built up on Fortnite gameplay and related videos.

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The drama surrounding his ban has resulted in a boost to his views and subscribers, but that wave of popularity might begin to slow down if his Fortnite-focused fans grow disinterested in other games he chooses to play.

Infinity WardSeason One of Modern Warfare just started, so the timing could be right for Jarvis.

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He and his brother Kay often feature in videos together, and although gaming is usually involved, much of their vlog content is centered around pranks or meeting other YouTubers.

The British pair are back in the US, despite having returned home to the UK briefly after Jarvis’ Fortnite ban. Modern Warfare’s Season One is in full swing for Call of Duty, so there is certainly an opportunity to move into that community if he chooses. After all, Call of Duty is where FaZe Clan first became popular, so a return to their roots could be a smart move.

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