xQc slams heartbreaking Squid Game contestant: “skill issue”

Shay Robson

Streaming sensation xQc has hit out at people criticizing Netflix after Squid Game: The Challenge contestant 299 was “bullied” by his team in a heartbreaking moment.

It’s fair to say Squid Game was a mega-success, with the award-winning K-drama taking over the world for a brief period of time. The show quickly became Netflix’s most-watched show in the streaming platform’s history.

Of course, with its huge success, Netflix has not only followed up by confirming a second season but also released a reality game show inspired by the hit Korean show, where 456 players compete for a 4.56 million dollar prize.

However, many fans have since hit out at Netflix over contestant 299, who was “bullied” by his team during the Dalgona Challenge before breaking down into tears on camera.

“This is not entertainment. This is a man who just lost a chance at getting a life-changing amount of money realizing he lost everything and shutting down on camera. Netflix lost the plot,” one wrote on Twitter/X, which has amassed over 80k likes at the time of writing.

xQc hits back at Squid Game: The Challenge critics

Hitting back, streaming star xQc has slammed those criticizing the streaming service. “Skill issue, literally. POV: Sheltered, weak person realizes not everyone wins in a game show,” he said.

“50k likes for a tweet from someone who doesn’t understand contestants enter willingly, knowing they will be filmed.”

The streamer added: “Netflix is not evil for this, stop crying.”

While xQc’s fans called the streamer “out of touch” for the comment, the 28-year-old has stuck to his guns, explaining contestants can’t expect millions just for showing up and competing.

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