Mizkif freaks out as he finally completes Jump King DLC after 30 hours

Twitch: Mizkif / Nexile

Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo couldn’t contain his excitement after finally completing the DLC ‘Ghost of the Babe’ levels of notoriously difficult game Jump King during his December 16 stream.

Jump King is one of the most punishing games in the world, pushing any streamer who attempts to play it on their broadcast to breaking point as they try to bounce their way to the end of the level, often finding themselves plummeting back down the course after the slightest error.

With the game’s Ghost of the Babe DLC releasing on December 13, it’s no surprise that many content creators are back on the title. After 30 hours of pain and suffering, Mizkif couldn’t help but celebrate when he finally reached the finale of the new chapter.

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NexileJump King is a notoriously difficult game, punishing players for the slightest mistakes.

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Of course, things hadn’t been going well for the streamer in his attempts at completing the DLC. Screaming and punching his desk in a fit of rage on December 15 after failing a particularly difficult jump, then working his way back to that spot only to fall once again the moment he attempted it again.

After a total of 30 hours, and just over eight hours on December 16, that frustration turned to delight, as Mizkif screamed in joy, and perhaps relief, as he bounced his way to the end of the chapter.

“Yes!” he roared, jumping out of his chair in delight. “Yes baby, we f**king did it! Lets go! We f**king did it! We beat the game, oh my God! Holy sh*t! I beat the game baby, lets go!”

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The streamer’s screams of joy were so loud that his roommate came in to see what all the fuss was about, laughing as Mizkif yelled in celebration after 30 grueling hours of the most punishing game many have ever attempted.

The platformer became an instant hit when it released back in May 2019, dominating Twitch as streamers put themselves through the torture of attempting to finish it in front of their viewers, who delighted in their struggles.

For Mizkif though, the grind of Jump King’s Ghost of the Baby DLC is finally complete, and he no longer has to worry about making the small member of royalty jump from platform to platform — at least until the next DLC drops.

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