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Tfue beats shroud, Ninja and more to be most-watched streamer of 2019

Published: 19/Dec/2019 17:11 Updated: 21/Dec/2019 11:57

by Michael Gwilliam


The most-watched streamer including all platforms has been revealed and a new king of broadcasting has been crowned heading in 2020.

According to a new report from StreamElements and, viewers spent a whopping 87,789,883 hours watching 21-year-old Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney in 2019.

The report took into account the fact that popular stream icons such as Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins switched from Twitch to Mixer and combined their stats.

Respawn EntertainmentLosing shroud was a big blow to Twitch, but at least they still have Dr Disrespect.

Shroud came second overall with 65,807,447 hours watched while summit1g had just over 60,000,000 to come third.

Ninja, who made headlines across the globe in August when he announced he would be moving to Mixer, was fourth at 57,951,217 hours.

Former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel rose to sixth on the back of IRL and variety streams with 53,385,731 hours.

Robert Paul/Blizzard EntertainmentxQc could have an incredible 2020 coming his way.

Notably absent from the top 10 was Dr Disrespect, who won Streamer of the Year at the Esports Awards in November.

Twitch still dominates

In 2018, Twitch owned 75% of the market share based on hours watched with YouTube Gaming at 22% and Mixer and Facebook at only 1% a piece.

In 2019, Twitch’s market share dropped to 73% while Mixer and Facebook grew to 3%. YouTube Gaming, meanwhile fell to 21%.

NinjaNinja was the first big name to move from Twitch to Mixer.

With that being said, all platforms had major year over year growth. Twitch grew by 20% and while Mixer exploded with 149%.

Facebook Gaming saw the largest year over year with a whopping 210%. In 2018, Facebook Gaming had 114,754,621 hours watched. In 2019, they increased to 356,242,965.

As the streaming wars heat up, it will be interesting to see what other names are offered major exclusive contracts to jump ship. 2020 is shaping up to be a very competitive for both platforms and streamers themselves.


Jeffree Star responds after Trisha Paytas claims she’s “scared” of him after Las Vegas trip

Published: 16/Jan/2021 17:44

by Charlotte Colombo


In a YouTube video and a series of TikToks, YouTube personality Trisha Paytas has publicly called out “evil” Jeffree Star and his hairstylist HairbyJay following a tense trip to Las Vegas earlier this year.

In a YouTube video entitled “Why I’m scared of jeffree and hairbyjay,” Paytas explains that she was left “hurt and disgusted” during the Valentines Day vacation – so much so, she even went home early.

Claiming that Star, HairbyJay and other guests spent the “awful” trip making fun of her weight, skin, spending and appearance, Paytas said: “Jeffree brought me on a trip to s**t on me and I can’t have a say because he paid for it.”

“They think they can just do that, that if you go on trip someone paid for they’re just allowed to p**s on you,” she continued. “In front of my face and behind my back.”

Hitting out at former friend and YouTuber Shane Dawson, Paytas criticized him for “constantly promoting” Star even though he has treated her poorly in the past.

She also claims that during the trip, HairbyJay overcharged her for wig services, but because she was “genuinely scared” of him, she paid anyway.

Breaking down in tears, she also showed a snippet of HairByJay’s Instagram live during her YouTube video, in which he calls Paytas a “stupid dumb b***h” and says that she should go on a diet because “all that fat is f*****g her brain.”

Jeffree later took to Twitter in response to these accusations. Claiming that he is “horrified” by what HairbyJay said during his live, he maintained in a Tweet addressed to Paytas: “let’s not pretend I had any part to play in that.”

Claiming in subsequent Tweets that Paytas had ignored his attempts to reach out to her, he continued: “I’ve already said my piece to her and if she ever wants to call or text me back, she will. ”

“What Jay said on live was f*****g disgusting and does not reflect how I’ve ever felt.”