xQc furious at Tekken 8 smurfs after getting dominated by Panda player

Meera Jacka
xQc furious at Tekken 8 smurfs after getting dominated by Panda player

xQc was left visibly upset after getting demolished in Tekken 8 by a Panda player, going on to claim fighting games have a smurfing problem.

Formerly a professional Overwatch player, popular streamer ‘xQc‘ is notorious for having rage-filled moments while gaming.

Over the years he has smashed plenty of keyboards and headsets and raged for all sorts of reasons, such as unskippable cutscenes in World of Warcraft.

Now, the latest game to cause the streamer grief is Tekken 8, which saw xQc dominated by a Panda player utilizing smurfing for some easy wins.

While streaming on Kick, xQc faced an opponent supposedly only a few ranks above him. But after losing multiple rounds to the player, ‘Qualing,’ without getting the chance to return much damage, xQc realized he was versing someone who was smurfing.

The term ‘smurf’ is used in gaming to describe players who make alternate accounts for the purpose of facing up against lower-ranked opponents.

“I mean, congratulations, it is what it is. See what I find really weird, is I think fighting game players are the most weird, ego players of all time,” the streamer said after losing the match. “Literally. They find some sort of ego fulfillment by beating lower ranked players all the time.”

He went on to claim that the problem was more evident in fighting games than any other, saying, “The density of smurfs in fighting games is so high compared to other games it’s crazy. It’s like when they lose, their inner fire is dying, and they have to log into their other account.”

“It’s so weird. You can study this, and I’d be right about it,” xQc concluded. “I swear. You can study this with science, and I’d be right about it.”

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