xQc experiences every emotion possible after Jump King epic fail

L: xQc R: Nexile

Former Overwatch pro turned Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been trying his hand at conquering the beast that is Jump King and has been having a really hard time with it.

Call it living vicariously, or just plain taking pleasure in others’ pain, but Twitch viewers love to watch streamers play difficult games and fail, mostly because of their sometimes hilarious reactions. Games like Jump King have made their name off of such reactions, and thanks to a new update, players and streamers like xQc have been checking out what’s new.

xQc, TwitchxQc did his best to hold back his frustration while playing Jump King.

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Things are still pretty rough for players, so that hasn’t changed and a recent fail by xQc left viewers in tears after they watched him lose all of his hard-earned progress.

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Normally, viewers would be able to count on xQc for an expletive-filled tirade complete with screaming and yelling, but this time, he watched his character fall back to the beginning silently.

Despite not saying anything, his various facial expressions did all the talking as he watched he character tumble all the way down. At the end of the clip, he was finally able to let a sound out to let his viewers he realized what was happening.

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The Twitch star isn’t really known for his patience, but that’s just what you need to have if you ever want to be successful in a game like this. It requires very precise movements and we just saw what happens if you have even just one mishap.

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While this might seem like a huge drop, that’s just par for the course in Jump King as the whole game is built around frustrating fails like this. Eventually, you either persevere or give up, and most players will definitely fall into the latter category.

On the bright side, these consistent fails make great content for viewers to watch and laugh around with.

Try not to lose your mind while playing Jump King.

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Nobody likes watching their favorite streamers grow frustrated with a game they’re playing, but for a game like this, it’s tough to not be entertained.

Many players don’t like the feeling of failure, and that definitely goes for former esports pros, so it’s possible we won’t see xQc fully drop this game until he is able to conquer it.

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