xQc flexes about his Overwatch skills and instantly regrets it

Shay Robson
xQc hits out at Pokimane and Hasan

Streaming star xQc was bragging about how he could’ve been one the best Overwatch players before instantly regretting it.

xQc is by far one of the biggest streamers in the world, amassing over 12 million followers on Twitch to date. Streaming upwards of 20 hours each day, it’s no wonder he’s dominated the Twitch charts, being the most-watched channel on the Amazon-owned platform for several years in a row.

However, before his time as a streaming star, xQc was best known for competing in Overwatch, notably playing under the Dallas Fuel.

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xQc is one of Twitch’s top streamers and a former Overwatch pro.

xQc says he could be one of the best Overwatch players

During his July 30 broadcast, the Twitch star opened up on how he was way more committed to streaming than competing back in his professional Overwatch days. However, the 27-year-old claimed that if he were to put in the effort, he’d be one of the best players in the world.

“If I sat down and actually played the game and did more Overwatching, and less like, streaming or whatever, I could be one of the best players out there for sure,” he said. “No doubt, no doubt.”

Yet, just seconds later, the former Overwatch pro used Winston’s ultimate ability to try and leap onto an enemy. However, in the process, he failed miserably and instead dashed off the map — falling to his death.

After letting out a little scream, the streamer tried to pin the blame on his internet for the mishap, arguing that he’d lagged. “Alright, guys, chat, Spectrum is my worst enemy. They give me lag and sh*t, it is weird.”

It’s fair to say that the Juicer definitely made the right decision by focusing on streaming in the end, with him recently signing one of the biggest streaming deals we’ve seen to date. In June, the Twitch star signed a non-exclusive deal with Kick worth up to $100 million.

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