xQc beats out Ludwig, Gaules as most-watched Twitch star in 2021 so far

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Twitch xQc most-watched influencer

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is as polarizing as ever, but it seems to be working for him after a report confirmed he was the most-watched streamer in the first quarter of 2021 with a mind-boggling 73.2 million views.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying xQc is one of the most popular and entertaining streamers on Twitch. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing Mario Kart, speedrunning Minecraft, or getting into trouble on GTA RP. His viewership is always off the charts.

But even though he’s already considered royalty in the scene, his viewership has risen to new heights in 2021. It’s hard to believe since his numbers were already staggering. 

However, it’s been confirmed in an official report by Stream Hatchet, one of the leading data analysts in esports, gaming, and streaming.

xQc slams Twitch chat hoppers
xQc was, by far, the most-watched streamer so far in 2021.

According to the report, xQc topped the charts as the most-watched influencer in the first quarter of 2021 with 73.2 million views. To put that into perspective, it means he’s been watched for 30 million hours, collectively, in that time. 

He almost doubled the viewership of Gaules, the second most-watched streamer on the list, and practically tripled Jaryd Russell ‘Summit1g’ Lazar, who finished in third place. Perhaps all the drama on GTA RP, which has seen him get banned three times now, is paying off in dividends.

To be fair, though, he has been entertaining between all the drama, too. However, all the controversy and chaos kept him in the headlines, and that’s got to count for something, right?

Twitch xQc most-watched influencer
xQc topped the charts by quite a bit.

xQc’s content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, he’s cultivated a fiercely loyal following throughout the years. Plus, neutral viewers all know who he is, too, and won’t hesitate to tune in from time to time.

In the end, whatever he’s doing is working. For all we know, his viewership could continue to rise in the second quarter of the year.

We’ll have to wait and see.